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There comes a time in everyone’s life where
they look at their kitchen and think ‘it’s time for something new’, but more
often than not people get put off with the costs that can be incurred for a completely
new kitchen.
When it comes to a new kitchen you have to
think about gutting the old one out, and then starting from a blank canvas in
designing and measuring up a new one. That’s all good, but going through a
company can soon stack up the costs, especially if there is a middle man.
However, its not all bad news because you can take a substantial part of the
costs away by designing your own kitchen with some DIY ideas.

Cabinet Ideas

Firstly, with any new kitchen we want to
look at the type of cabinets that are on offer and just how many we can
comfortably fit into the new kitchen. Now, if you are going to do a DIY project
on this you need to think about sizes to make sure that all you cabinets are
going to fit in nicely.

Once you have the sizes sorted you can then
customise the handles and materials.
One bit of advice is not to have glossy
finishes because the steam and heat that emanates from your kitchen will soon
take its toll on the gloss work and you will notice after a few years the gloss
will begin to crack and peel.

Drain Cleaning Ideas

One area people tend to forget about when
it comes to new kitchen is drainage options and if you look on Google you will
find some fantastic do it yourself plumbingguides that will take some of the cost away from re-plumbing your kitchen
(especially if you are moving your sink, washing machine or dishwasher units).

Floor Ideas

With every new kitchen should come a new
floor, and these days tiles are the in-thing. Forget lino and other materials
that are cheap and can be fitted easily, because they don’t stand the test of
time. Darker tiles can look the part in any kitchen, they are easy to clean
through steam mops, they are more hygienic and they don’t stain.
One thing to keep in mind is they do take
longer to set, so you want be able to access your kitchen for a period of time.

Countertop Ideas

This is the part of every kitchen where you
need to choose wisely, because work surfaces undoubtedly get their fair share
of use. You want to go with something that will last a long while here because
you don’t want to have to go through a complete refit a few years down the
line. Buy something that is not only thick, but has a material that won’t damage
easily such as marble or granite. They are more expensive but will last you a
long time.

Backsplash Ideas

As our last port-of-call we come to
backsplashes and whilst these are optional in your kitchen they can be a life
saver dependant on what color tiles you have. Backslashes can help keep your
walls clean, and if done right can complement your overall kitchen design 2016.
You should think about giving you kitchen a
uniformed look with medium sized tiles in either subway white or black.