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We are living in a generation where things that are damaged are thrown away. From old shoe racks, phones, busted remote control, laptops, Television and a lot more are easily replaced because of its availability in the market.

But with the economy like this where inflation can happen anytime, it is best to make the best of every product and appliances that we have. After all, we spend a large amount of money to buy those appliances at home.

Appliances are very helpful in our daily activities and entertainment. A large percentage of household in America would at least have a minimum of 5 appliances in their homes. Most common are television, washing machine, oven, air condition, and Freezer.

These appliances are now classified as needs, rather than wants. From making sure that our food won’t spoil, washing our clothes without breaking our backs and feeling cool on a hot summer day, these benefits from using appliances are considered usual in a typical day.

But assurance or fully utilizing your appliances doesn’t stop after purchase, you need to make sure that you maintain and aware of simple repair hacks that could save you another year or even few more years of using your hard-earned purchase.

Here are some of the Appliance repair mistakes that people should avoid doing:

1. Trying DIY repairs

   Although most of you have access to thousands of guide online, we are still not experts and no one can verify if you are doing the right thing. Doing it yourself can not assure a real fix, in fact, it may even make it worst when you use tools that you are not very good and familiar to handle.

   Appliances are lost at the time electric-powered, thus needs to be connected to a live power outlet to test. If you did something incorrectly, it can probably make things worse and make the damage bigger.

   Although there are a number of people who know their way through appliances, most of these DIY repairs would frequently end up in a repair shop.

2. You didn’t mind the “signs”

   Appliances are like our bodies. If we are feeling pain, there must be something wrong. So if you notice something different with your appliances compared to what it usually is, you bet something wrong is happening.

When you see stranger flicker on your Television or an unusually loud sound of air condition, it’s time for you to start checking your manual and call the shop where you purchased the appliance.

It is better to solve the problem early on so the damage isn’t big yet, which also means fewer expenses on your repair.

3. You keep on using it despite the damage

   There are some damages that are considered minor as the machine still works with it being unfixed. But just like not minding the signs, brushing off minor damages can actually be a gateway to the big one.

   These small damages should be fixed right away to avoid destroying the whole thing. After all, small damages can be fixed easily and rapidly compared to the length of time that you have to wait if you just let it go and destroyed the appliance. This is both time and budget effectively.

These mistakes are done by hundreds and even thousands of people in the world. But here are some few tips that can lengthen the life of your appliances and avoid damages.

  • Know the functions of your appliances – when buying appliances, you should listen carefully to the demo of the presenter and ask questions as much as you like. Ask tips and work around in using them.
  • Clean your appliances – Regular cleaning can assure that there are not any hard materials stuck in the corners of your appliances. This will also make sure that dirt cannot add up and cover the filters of your air conditioning and refrigerator.
  • Handle it with care – Avoid slamming the door of your Refrigerator and oven. Do not overload your washing machine and make sure you do not overuse it.
  • Do not make it as extra storage – your fridge and oven aren’t cupboards. You shouldn’t store things like cooking ingredients and even cooking pots inside it when not in use.

All these tips will be very helpful for everyone who owns an appliance or set of appliances. But we have to remember that these are just machines, they have an end of life as well. What we could do it just to lengthen our use and make it worthy of its price.

So if ever you have problems with your appliances in the future, do not just jump right at it and do these mistakes, dial an appliance man who is an expert and experienced in repairing.