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When home owners look to improve the value of their home, many tend to improve the building evenlope structures such as walls, facades, conservatories, brick / block layers, garden, landscaping and many more. However Double Glazing and windows tend to be overlooked as the other benefits that double glazing provides can help in the following areas;

  • Greatly Improved Security
    • If your current windows are single glazed which are traditional windows, people who are looking to gain illegal entry to your home / property will tend to find this process extremely easy. This is because single glazing windows are only made of one sheet of glass, resulting in less tensile strength for a thief to break in via force – hammer / sharp / blunt object.
  • Improve Thermal Efficiency / Heat Loss Reduction
    • If you’ve ever had a thermal camera survey conducted on your house, you may be shocked on the sheer amount of heat that escapes through single glazing windows. Double glazing, due to the double panel nature of glass presented in its construction means that heat loss through these areas are greatly reduced due to improving insulative properties. 
  • Improved House Value / Value of your Home
    • Single glazed properties tend to reduce the value of a home by up to 10%, given that the extra costs required to heat the house appropriately are greatly increased. This means that upgrading to newer windows actually improves the value of your home, resulting in more attractive offering to friends and family based buyers due to the above benefits.

Companies such as the one mentioned below who provide Solihull Double Glazing at affordable prices have been able to install, manufacture and repair double glazing throughout the West Midlands area in Birmingham UK. This means that houses in this area have recently seen their house values increase due to more and more now focusing on worthwhile investments due to new found knowledge that real estate agents talk about when trying to sell your home.

This knowledge is particularly useful if/when you decide to sell your home, along with users who are looking to purchase their first home.