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A young pair moves into their dream house. Everything goes
well, until they notice something very unfortunate. Their dream house is slowly
falling apart. The doors are falling off, the bathtub is falling from the
ceiling and in the end there is nothing left but the collapsed frame. If you
know this story all too well, you are either a huge fan of Tom Hank’s movie
“The Money Pit” from 1986 or you have learned the hard way your dream house is
actually a volcano whose only purpose is to devour money. Let us see what you
can do to avoid befalling into the latter group. 

Better Safe than
Sorry – Identifying the Pit

1. The Virtue of Honesty
We all love unique Victorian houses or extravagant mansions.
Also, we all at some point dreamt about having a man cave, dressing room, or
any other kind of custom dream house. Take some time to assess whether or not your
budget is capable of catching up with your dreams. The dream house does not
even have to be that voracious, but if it is out of your boundaries, you will
quickly be buried under the price of utilities and mortgages.
2. Check the Foundation
By inspecting the foundation and the basement you will get a
great insight into the plumbing and electrical systems, and HVAC, and learn how
well the previous owner maintained the house. Stay away from structural
problems, unstable supports, leaking water heaters, and sagging floor joists.

3. Potential Water Problems
Basement is a great place to inspect potential water
problems, but it makes just a small part of the much bigger DVW picture. It
would not be a bad idea to pressure-test the entire system in order to discover
some hidden malfunctions. Furthermore, look for signs of unpleasant smells or
mold, which can also expose hidden water problems.
4. Damaged Windows
It is well advised that you check each window inside the
house very thoroughly before buying it. Replacing the windows is a
budget-busting task on its own, but if you fail to notice the damage early on,
you will be served with another set of issues ranging from moisture to
increased heating bills. 

Consequences of Poor
Choices – Dealing with the Pit

There is, of course, a chance that, in spite of all of your
efforts to recognize the money pit, your house will show its ugly face later
on. If you find yourself in such situations, all of your choices will be
reduced to Shakespearean dilemma of “To repair, or not to repair”.
1. Not to Repair
No matter how much you love your dream house there should be
some red line after which you will not be willing to overlook its flaws. Do
your math, determine the toll your house is taking each year, and do not be
afraid to make some tough decisions – some of the affordable demolition contractors from Sidney will gladly help you to make a fresh start on the same lot.
Alternatively, you can write- off the loss, and sell the house to the highest
2. Fighting the Odds
If you choose to stay in the same house, you should better
try to solve all the burning issues at ones. Doing all the repairs together may
initially cost you more, but it will save you a lot of money in the long run,
so be ready to bite the bullet.  Choosing
the right builders can be immensely helpful in mitigating this problem. Waiting
while you can buy all the necessary equipment discounted, and making your house
more sustainable should not be a bad idea, either.

People have always wondered “Can you put a price on a
dream?”, and the answer is – “Sure you can”. Especially if that dream is
something as simple as a house. Just be sure that the price is not too high, or
your dreams may become nightmares.