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Your lovely backyard garden is constantly being attacked by insects, rodents, and other animals. Plants are being eaten, soil is getting contaminated and you don’t know how to deal with these things. Don’t worry. There is a solution for everything in life, including protecting your garden from pests. There are a lot of ways you can approach this problem.

For example, you can brew your own repellent, buy one of those high-tech devices that keep rodents away, or buy bug sprays. The selection is really wide. That is why we have decided to put together this list of the most effective ways for eliminating pests from your backyard or garden.

Easy Solutions for Getting Rid of Pests from Your BackyardClean your yard

First of all, if you want to avoid rodents coming to your garden in the first place, you will need to keep it clean. Insects, parasites, mice and other pests are attracted by dirty piles of garbage, tall grass, and generally messy backyards. They flourish in these habitats and the most effective way to keep them from coming is to clean every spot and corner.

Regularly mow your yard. Cut the grass at least once a week. Also, pull out weeds and other harmful plants. Insects might chew through your plants, but weeds will take minerals from your soil and make your plants weaker. Remove piles of debris and other potential nesting areas immediately. Don’t leave your freshly cut grass and leaves piled up on the ground. Rake and bag them. Without these areas, fleas will have a harder time breeding and spreading.

Household items and recipes

There are a lot of homemade recipes for fighting pests that are made of items everyday household has and they are pretty effective. They are not universal as poisons and bug sprays, but they will do the job done against a certain insect or rodent.

Hot peppers – they are perfect for keeping insects and bugs from eating your plants. Just get a couple of fresh hot peppers. Chop the peppers, and then boil them in a pot of water. After that, put everything in a spray bottle and spray it all over your plants. Bugs won’t get near them.

Turmeric – ants and other pets absolutely hate this thing. You can either put it in a spray bottle like hot peppers, or you can get a powdered turmeric and put it around the base of the plant and on the leaves.

Eggshells – use them to keep slugs and snails from entering your garden. Just crush a lot of them and sprinkle them around the perimeter of your garden or just around the plants that are being eaten by these slimy pests.

Easy Solutions for Getting Rid of Pests from Your BackyardTech gadgets

If you don’t want to bother yourself with brewing a homemade repellent, then you should consider buying one of those tech devices that keep the pests from even entering your backyard. They work on various types of technology, some use ultrasonic sound waves to keep certain animals away, some rely on motion detection to target animals and spray them with water or any other type of repellent, and some use good old visual scare to keep rodents away.

Sometimes it’s hard to find a reliable company that sells these gadgets because there are a lot of knockoffs on the market. Bird Control Australia is not a knockoff company, they sell only the premium pest repellent gadgets, so check them out and you will certainly find a suitable gadget for your problem.

And that is all from us. As you can see, you can deal with pests in a couple of different ways. Whichever approach you choose, remember that fighting pests can take some time, so don’t give up and always try new things if something doesn’t work.