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Your garage door is one of the most prominent features in
the exterior of your home.  No matter how
nice your front yard or front porch; if you neglect your garage door, it is
going to take away from the beauty of your home.  Here are some simple ideas to make your
garage door part of an inviting look to welcome friends and family into your
Paint!  Start with the most basic task of all – a
fresh coat of paint.  It’s going to make
your garage look new.  Pick a color that
harmonizes with the exterior of your home or matches your trim.  Remember, it’s a big space so make sure the
color you pick won’t turn it into a sore thumb. 
If you have dented panels, call a garage door repair company and see if
they can provide an inexpensive fix. 
They’ll also make sure that those little dents and dings aren’t
interfering with the safe operation of the door.

  It’s a DIY project that
makes a big difference.  The overhang of
a pergola framing your garage makes it look like something more than just a
place to hide your stuff or park your car. 
Use the same wood as your front porch or wood painted a complimentary
color to your homes exterior décor.  It
can be as narrow or as wide as you’d like, but it gives the garage a finished
Plants!  If you’ve decided to build a pergola, don’t
forget the plants.  Two big pots and
climbing vines can frame your garage with beautiful greenery.  A flowering vine is even better!  No pergola? 
Pots are the answer.  Tie
everything together with pots that are the same color and put some on the porch
or the walkway to the house as well as flanking the garage.  Choose your plants with an eye to the size of
the pot.  Grasses comes in a variety of
greens and they are perfect in tall pots. 
Use a trellis and plant a climbing vine in a deep, fat, round pot.  If there is a division between the two doors
of your garage, it’s another perfect place for a pot and a plant.

Lights!  A practical idea that can also light up your
décor.  With the wide variety of solar
lights available, you don’t even have to worry about the wiring.  Spotlight those plants or line the driveway
up to the garage.  Light welcomes you
home and invites your guests to come in while they help avoid trips and falls.
  Think of it as more than the
way your car gets in the garage.  If you
have tracks instead of a solid driveway, set them off by planting grass or low
growing plants between them.  A single
driveway?  Set it off with a border of
flowers – or a border of paving stones. 
A low hedge or fence is another great way to add curbside appeal and
define your front yard. If you’re just building your garage, think about using
pretty pavers instead of cement.
are big, but don’t let the size overwhelm you. 
Make them a part of the décor that welcomes you home.  Along with a garage door makeover, make sure
you get a yearly garage maintenance check. 
And, if your garage door is so old that it needs more than a layer of
paint, think about calling Arizona Garage Door replacement
contractor.  It may be an investment that
pays you back when it’s time to sell and it will certainly provide you and your
family with added safety.  Remember, that
big garage door is the largest moving object in your home so you don’t want it
to be pretty; you want it to be safe and secure.