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In this modern era Eco-friendly things are in demand because as we are moving to modernity we are losing natural green environment. Now large industries are focusing to make natural environment by some eco friendly tactics. If we talk about rug industries so it is also not an exception so they also developing green eco friendly environment by developing eco friendly rugs for their customers.Why Eco friendly rugs for home

As we can see that we can’t even take a fresh breath in this polluted world that is infected by chemicals.  In recent studies a fact come out side that indoor environment is equally polluted like outdoor environment because we spend a lot f time in indoor. And we consistently spend our time near harmful fumes and chemicals.

During rug manufacturing process many chemicals spray on rug to protect it and to maintain its natural color. These chemicals are very useful to save a rug but it can be harmful for human body after some time.

How to identify a Eco friendly rug

A perfect rug made of natural fibers like wool, jute, sisal. But I will recommend you a wool rug because it is natural and it never harms human body. Some companies avoiding these chemicals because of health risks.
In this competitive market you need to aware before buying anything you must check product details and it should be organic without chemical dyes.

If you are looking for 100% organic and Eco-friendly rugs so you must visit Casamero, here you will get rugs made of organic wool with natural dyes.