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There is currently a global initiative to reduce the enormous impact that human activities have on our blue planet and with the ongoing drive for recycling and using clean, renewable energy, UK waste management companies are always looking for ways to conserve energy. Turning domestic and commercial waste into energy is just one of the eco-friendly practices that are being deployed in the effort to reduce the heavy demands we make on Mother Nature.

Avoiding the Landfills

The eco-friendly waste management company of today avoids using landfills whenever possible and many boast an impressive 90% of all waste recycled. Even green garden waste can be recycled and while you might think it is fine to bury such natural waste in a landfill, it actually can contaminate the ground and cause chemical reactions that are harmful to the soil. By only using landfills when absolutely necessary, more of the waste is recycled and more is burned to create energy, which is probably the most eco-friendly way of disposing of the waste.

Turning Green Waste into Biogas

Rather than simply burning natural waste, it is more environmentally friendly to turn it into biogas, which in turn is used to create energy. This gas can be used to power generators that produce electricity and with more and more recycling plants being developed, it is hoped that in the next few years, green waste conversion will be at a much higher level.

Domestic Skip Hire

If you are planning a renovation project or a new landscape garden design, you might ask yourself the question, “Where will I find skips near me?” The answer, of course, is with a Google search, which is localised and this will help you to contact an eco-friendly waste management company that offers affordable skip hire. Many UK homeowners feel good knowing that almost all of their domestic waste is recycled and whatever is left is used to make energy and by doing a little research before you select the waste management company will ensure that you choose one with best practices.

The Changing Face of Industry

One good thing that has happened in the past decade is the global shift in industry towards a more eco-friendly approach and with government incentives offering motivation, many industries are adopting eco-friendly practices into their daily activities. With large corporations leading by example, small businesses are also doing their bit to reduce our impact on the environment and many UK homeowners already sort their domestic waste, which makes the recycling process so much easier.

Hope for the Future

With global recycling initiatives and a shift towards clean and renewable energy such as solar power, it is looking like there will be something to leave to our descendants and before very long, it is hoped that we will eradicate fossil fuel burning across the world and allow our planet to take a breather and recuperate.

If you care about what happens to your domestic and commercial waste, make sure you only use an eco-friendly waste management company and this will ensure that your waste is either recycled or turned into energy.