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A bathroom can be quite an expensive room in terms of maintenance and design, but it is nevertheless the most important room you’ll have to invest in. Still, you don’t have to waste a ton of money just to make it look good as well as functional, there are a few tricks and approaches to modifying this particular area of your home that requires just a little resourcefulness and imagination.

Reface your bathtub

Economical Bathroom Design & Remodeling Ideas‏ by pipeperfection.com.auMaking your old bathtub look fresh and renewed can really light the place up. Old and dingy tubs don’t necessarily have to be replaced by new ones, because that would otherwise require demolishing, paying for it to be hauled away and dumped somewhere appropriate, and paying again for the replacement and the installation, which will cost you on average at about 1000$. Just by refinishing the tub you can accomplish the same effect, but it will also be immensely benign for your wallet. The only thing you have to choose is whether you want to do it yourself, or hire a professional for a more superior and quicker job.

Replacing the floors

The base of the bathroom can also rob you of your money at a blink of an eye, but that shouldn’t have to be the case if you know what to pay attention to during remodelling. There are tiles which are cheap (somewhere around 1.80$ per square foot) at your local home improvement store. The point is to keep away from those glossy finishes which can make everything look tacky, instead find something that’s good, even matte to make it look natural. Avoid strong colours, unusual textures and anything else that’s too conspicuous. One final thing, during installation maybe it’s better to hand over that job to the pros, since it requires a lot of cutting and precision.

Update light and bath fixtures

Economical Bathroom Design & Remodeling Ideas‏ by pipeperfection.com.au
Light fixtures are what make the room shine and they also have an impact on lighting and safety, too. This renovation project won’t drain you of your cash, you just have to choose the right material that coincides with your entire design. As for the bath fixtures, there are countless brands in all sorts of bath boutiques, but there are also building supply stores which have the means for you to replicate the same aesthetic effect.  You can get a good looking bathroom for about 200-300$, if you know what to look for, that is.

Proper plumbing

All those redesigns and modifications won’t make sense, however, if your plumbing system doesn’t function properly to begin with. According to plumber Inner West, the practical side to improving your bathroom should come first, meaning that you need to have appropriate access to water every day, rather than focusing on making everything look pretty.  There are many discounts and arrangements that can be made for this type of maintenance that will guarantee you that you will save enough money for your other remodelling aspirations.
Bottom line is you just have to play it smart and inform yourself online, or via other clients about all the details that can help you reduce the costs. Before you know it, you will have a beautiful bathroom that doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. Looking good isn’t about money, it’s about taste and all the right choices.