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Glares – the word may sound silly, but its effect can be devastating. We live in a world where computers are an integral part of our work lives. And if your office is not glare-proof, then it may be hampering your resources overall performance. Yes, you heard us right.

We all agree that glare created by bright sunlight on a computer screens makes working uncomfortable. It also puts a strain on the eyes and may affect the eyesight and can also cause a constant headache. In fact, you may not be able to do anything about the sun’s position. But, you can glare-proof your office settings for reducing or eliminating the effect of sunlight and glare from your office.

Install Solar Screens on Your Windows – By using solar screens on your windows, you can keep glares away without compromising on natural light. The solar screen will not only save you and your employees from the struggle of working on the glaring computer screen but also allow you to see outside the window to rest your eyes. If your office falls within the boundary of Austin, Texas, then you don’t have to look beyond Austin solar screens. These screens are also very helpful in energy conservation as they do not allow heat to escape out easily. And the cherry on the cake – the solar screens protect you against electronic eavesdropping. This clearly means an investment on solar screens, positions you in a win-win situation.

Design the layout of office with sunlight in mind – If the productivity of your office is being hampered by the sun glares on the computer screen, then your first step should be to redesign your office. The problem can be reduced to a good extent by simply repositioning the furniture in most of the cases. Position computer monitors in such a way that the person working on them faces towards the window. Forming cubicles in a big hall can solve the problem of glare for many employees. Position the whiteboards or presentation screen on the wall that does not receive the direct sunlight from the windows. However, not all glares can be shut off by this simple layout repositioning.

Use Window Roller Blinds – Window blinds are also an alternative for solar screens but they are not equally effective. If you don’t bother about outside views or actually want to block it then roller blinds are a good option. Obviously, they are way better than curtains because they provide your office more professional look. And, you can also get the blinds customized with your company’s logo and name. One of the shortcomings of blinds as compared to the solar screens is that you need to keep adjusting them to the changing position of the sun to get the desired amount of light.

By simply keeping off glares from the computer screens you can make your employees more comfortable while simultaneously enhancing their productivity. By taking care of your employees you actually help yourself grow your business. You understand this reasoning, right?