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Open-floor plans require a transitional component, whether to serve as a decorative element or to add a sense of seclusion to the room. Dating back to the 7th century, room dividers are now used by interior designers all over the world. Pick the ones that blend well with the interior and accentuate it properly. This will not be a difficult task as there are so many different options on the market.

Free-standing Open Shelves
Open shelves do not offer much privacy, yet they can serve as a clear demarcation line between two sections. This is the reason why they are usually installed in the living room or the bedroom. An open bookcase is a great choice if you want to divide the living room from your reading nook, or if you need a separate workspace in your bedroom.

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There are a variety of column types, some of the most popular being floor-to-ceiling and freestanding ones. Free-standing columns are usually 70-120 cm high and their function is to define the area in an almost solely decorative way. Vaulted ceilings lend themselves to the combination of columns and beams used as a faux doorway between the living room and the entry.

Half walls with columns are usually opted for when the separation between the kitchen and the living room and the living room and the entry is needed. Built-in spaces in the wall, where you can place personal photos, vases, or books allow you be more creative with interior design.

Sliding Doors
Sliding doors are suitable for large openings in a need of a ceiling-to-floor break-up. Their main advantage is that they are available in a number of styles, materials and finishes. Which one you will choose depends on the overall décor of the room. For instance, you can consider sleek aluminium sliding doors for an industrial chic location, or any other area with a modern feel.

Planters are functional room dividers, whether you need them outdoors or indoors. Not only are they beautiful decorative elements, but they also provide noise reduction. Foliage decreases noise in three ways – by sound absorption, sound deflection and sound refraction. This feature makes planters ideal for offices. Given the fact that sound is reflected from the wall to the plant, put them near the edge or the corner of the room instead of placing them in the centre since sound.

Wrought Iron Dividers
Wrought iron complements Moroccan-, Mediterranean-, vintage- and shabby chic-style rooms. Additionally, it can be combined with other materials, wood being the most popular choice. For instance, you can consider a ceiling-to-floor wrought iron partition with a wooden frame. There are also wrought iron screens on the market. However, bear in mind that, although they are free-standing, they are heavy. Precisely because of this, they should have a fixed position in the room.

Folding Screens
In contrast to wrought iron screens, traditional folding screens are light and moveable. As they are made with fabric and/or wood, they can fit in any décor. Choose an Asian-inspired fabric for a Zen-inspired living room, or a geometric print for contemporary room design. Carved wood folding screens work well with Indian and Moroccan furniture.

Glass Dividers
There is a plethora of reasons why you should have glass dividers. Firstly, they are a great option for confined and dark spaces. Secondly, there are numerous styles you can choose from – from tinted to acid etching down to sandblasting glass. A frosted glass partition is a great option for bathrooms, especially between the toilet and the shower.

Barrier Islands
Barrier islands are perfect for spacious, open-space kitchens which need to be separated from the dining area or the living room. Add three to four chairs on one side of the island if you love inviting your guests to the kitchen when preparing a dinner. The island top can be made of different materials, including wood, limestone, granite, marble and tile.

Finally, room dividers are a great choice for all creative do-it-yourselfers. Making a bookcase out of the wardrobe, transforming vintage windows into a glass partition or repurposing old doors into a folding screen are all fantastic options to unveil imagination.