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Before you start your next cleaning craze, you may want to give some thought to what you’re looking to get rid of and the best ways to do so. The United States is a landfill happy country responsible for almost a third of the world’s waste. We can all do our part next time it’s time to do some cleaning up, by properly disposing of our trash in an earth friendly way.

Ways To Reduce Waste

Appliance Removal

A landfill is no place for an appliance of any kind considering the almost infinite amount of time the earth takes to completely break an appliance down. Calling a junk removal service instead will get rid of all the unwanted appliances in your home while ensuring your broken down junk make it to the right recycling facilities.


Electronics are becoming cheaper and cheaper these days, meaning we’re more likely to throw some in the trash when we’re ready for the next best thing. The problem is that much of this type of material — computers, cell phones, tablets, etc., contain heavy metals that seep into soil from landfills and eventually make their way to our groundwater.

While your electronics may not make a difference, combine yours with millions of other households all dumping their electronics in the trash and the damage adds up.

Recyclable Roundup

One of the simplest things you can do every day to help out the environment is to separate recyclables from the rest of your trash. Take a look at the list of acceptable recyclables in your area, (it’s quite big these days), and put a recycle bin next to your regular trash bin for easy disposal.

Hazardous Material

It’s easy to throw a can of paint in the trash and not give it another thought, but acts like this add up quickly. Pesticides, paints, oils, cleaners, stain, and similar chemicals are best left out of the landfill and deposited at a proper recycling facility instead. A junk removal service can do this easily for you.

Burnable Trash

While it may be tempting just to gather up and burn all of your leaves, wood, debris, and other burnable trash, the amount of smoke you’re putting in the air just to rid yourself of this trash is not worth the environmental pollution. Many cities have specific yard debris removal days that allow you to bag up and place your debris curbside. Junk removal services will also properly dispose of any amount of yard debris you have.

Hiring A Junk Removal Service

With all good environmentally conscious intentions in mind, getting your junk off to the right places sometimes is easier said than done. Hiring a professional to remove the junk for you will save you considerable time sifting, sorting, and sending your junk off to the right places. It will also give you peace of mind knowing you’re doing your part to keeping unwanted items out of the landfill, and properly disposing of them instead.