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Deep Blue Clouded Marble Wall Mural above in featured image

With platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram providing an unprecedented arena of inspiration, more and more people feel inspired and empowered to try new things with their interiors. The team at Murals Wallpaper believe that wallpaper as an interior design tool has observed tradition for too long and now is the time to acknowledge the potential of integrating mural designs of all shapes and sizes into the home.

Murals Wallpaper offers the perfect solution to style stalemate. By combining hands-on illustration and design, with the flexibility and scope of being a digital centric business, the brand offers a tailored product for each and every visitor to the website.

The rise of personalisation means that customers can be in control of their purchases, and be confident that their wallpaper is unique to them. At Murals Wallpaper, the murals can be customised to perfectly fit a space, and we have the ability to alter colours to compliment a certain colour scheme. This makes the possibilities endless in terms of choice and application.
The customer can either shop from the existing categories on the website, or if the individual is more inclined to experiment, they can submit their own images, designs or photographs, which the team can then resize and print on one of a choice of three paper options.

“Because of leaner manufacturing methods, we have the ability to be more reactive with trends, as well as having a bolder approach to a more traditional industry. Patterns are becoming more daring, with large scale dark florals, and bright coloured geometrics offering something new to the traditional neutral palette of the wallpaper industry.”

Catherine​ ​Jacob,​ ​Head​ ​of​ ​Design​ ​-​ ​Murals​ ​Wallpaper So whether you’re looking to make the most of a small space; create an educational bedroom for your children or simply refresh your home without the cost of new furniture, a mural from Murals Wallpaper may
be just the job.

Explorer Kids World Map Mural

Crisp Pines Forest Wallpaper

Nico​ ​Geometric​ ​Mural​ ​Wallpaper

Graph Paper Blue Map Wallpaper