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USA homeowners currently spend 2000 dollars per year on home maintenance, according to the Realtormag.com website. Homeowners who have climbed onto the property ladder for the first time are often surprised at the “hidden” cost of owning houses or condos. Sixty-three percent of American homeowners prefer to outsource at least some of their recurring home maintenance tasks. Thirty-five percent utilize a couple of maintenance providers or even more. Today, we’d like to share information about how to make your life easier by outsourcing a couple of essential home maintenance tasks. Handing off these tough tasks to the pros should be at the top of your to-do list.

Lawn Care Is Hard Work

How much is your own free time worth to you? If you value your downtime, you should know that choosing to outsource lawn care will be a smart decision, particularly if you just don’t enjoy mowing your lawn and taking care of other lawn care jobs. Outsourcing work that you dislike doing will be a smart strategy. Lawn care may well fit this category. According to the Frugaldad.com website, even the most cash-conscious homeowners will benefit from outsourcing regular mowing and trimming, even if they choose to economize by taking care of special lawn care projects on their own.

Window Cleaning May be Dangerous

Author Rob Howard says that he saves thirty-two hours of work per week by outsourcing his chores. If you’d like to do the same, give some serious thought to hiring a pro to take care of your window cleaning and maintenance work. Window cleaning can be a difficult and messy job which is why it’s a perfect task to outsource, right along with window maintenance.

Outsourcing “dirty work” will be a great way to take the pressure off your shoulders. Since some of your windows are likely high up, it’s best to leave this job to experts who know how to do it safely and effectively. Otherwise, you may need to climb ladders and a lot of DIY’ers in America get injured while they are using ladders. According to the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission), ninety thousand Americans go to hospital emergency rooms yearly because of ladder-related injuries.

Find Reputable Service Providers

Lawns generally need weekly mowing. They may need to be mowed even more frequently, such as every three or four days, depending on the type of grass and the weather. For a healthy and beautiful home, interior windows should be professionally cleaned once per year. Outside windows should be professionally cleaned two to three times per year. Now that you know which home maintenance tasks are well worth the cost of outsourcing, why not search for reputable service providers today?h