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When moving to a new home, a different city or different country, you should be well prepared in advance. Deciding to move home by yourself is not only difficult, but incredibly stressful, there are 101 things to remember and transporting all your belongings from A to B is a lot more challenging than you may have thought.

These useful tips will help you prepare for the big day.

Consider a Removals Company

If you decide that you don’t want the stress of packing, loading, transporting and unpacking your possessions, and you’d rather opt for professional help, there are several businesses who offer great rates on domestic removals in Norwich and throughout Norfolk.

You should book a removals company well in advance to avoid any disappointment, the last thing you need is to have to transport everything on your own or cut back your moving date just because you failed to secure a removals company on time. Once you set a moving date, contact a local removals company and confirm a date with them.

Pack the Essentials

A lot of homeowners make the mistake of trying to fit every single piece of furniture and personal item into the removals van when it arrives to load their possessions. It is better to be a minimalist and only bring what you really need, especially if you are moving to a new country. Think of other things you can do with old stuff and get rid of excess baggage.

  • Give used items to charity
  • Ask friends or family would they like to take some of your belongings
  • Attend a car boot sale and try to make money selling used items
  • Give things away to the less fortunate

The less items you have to pack the easier it will be when moving, get rid of some junk that you won’t need and make room for more important items in the removals truck.

Pack in Advance

The worst thing you can do when moving home is to leave things until the last minute, you don’t want to be rushing around your property stuffing items into boxing, this can be disastrous for several reasons.

  • If you don’t label boxes, you’ll have no idea where anything is.
  • If you fail to label boxes, you could easily damage fragile goods.
  • Precious items could get lost during the moving process.

Avoid any problems by labelling boxes well in advance of your moving date.

Additional Help

If you need some help packing, it is important to inform your family and friends well before your set date. You must give them time to clear their diary, so they can arrive on the day and give you all the assistance you need.

On moving day, it is important to keep children and pets out of the way. They can become a nuisance when you are trying to concentrate on moving boxes and other items from your home. One of your top priorities should be to hire a reliable removals company who shows up on time with the right equipment for the job.