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The real estate market in Europe is more favorable now than it has been in a long time, with prominent and beautiful destinations offering affordable residential options to property investors, aspiring homeowners, and retirees looking to snag a second home or earn rental income in the European market. Prominent properties can be found across the continent, ranging from seaside cottages in the south of Ireland to beautiful city pads in the heart of Lisbon, so let’s take a look at some of the hottest cities and regions in Europe for property investments.

Budapest, Hungary

Hungary has come a long way in becoming one of Europe’s top travel destinations, while the capital, Budapest, has successfully risen from the poor state its market has been in up until 2014. This is why now’s the time to invest in amazing properties across the city, until their prices rise along with the economic boom in the country and become unfavorable.

Low property prices are not the only thing Budapest has got going for it, as the city is not only a historic landmark defined by breathtaking architecture across the map, but it is also a business and cultural hub of Central Europe. Truly a bustling and thriving setting, Budapest is a wonderfully beautiful and organized place to live and work.

Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul, the city that separates, and connects, Europe and Asia. The capital of the Eastern Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire, the Ottoman Empire, and in modern times, the cultural and economic capital of Turkey. This vast city covering more than 1,500km2 of land is today one of the most favorable cities to find property investment opportunities, with prices starting at $1,000 per square meter. Istanbul is not only expanding and renovating its existing cityscape, but the entire country is undergoing an economic boom, making this city an excellent place to snag a second home or capitalize on rental income.

Lisbon, Portugal

Enjoying a mild Mediterranean climate and rich cultural heritage permeating every cobble-stone street and gracing every facade, Lisbon is the place to be if you are looking for a retirement pad overlooking the ocean or a an amazing vacation rental to offer to affluent tourists. What’s more, Portugal is currently one of the most popular among all residency and citizenship by investment programs available today, offering buyers the opportunity to snag a Portuguese passport in addition to a second home. Lisbon is not only a beautiful city defined by a friendly community and laid-back way of life, but the country is a full member of the EU, meaning that you and your family can travel the Schengen Zone and beyond, visa-free.

La Valetta, Malta

Malta is another European country with excellent air connections to the rest of the world, one that is portrayed by pristine natural sceneries, quaint but thriving villages, and the energetic capital of La Valetta. While the entire country is an amazing place to live, La Valetta truly stands out as the tourist, business, and residential capital of the island. With apartments in the city ranging from $50,000 to $500,000 and beyond, there is something for every aspiring homeowner or landlord.

Beara Peninsula, Ireland

If you are looking to carve out your own slice of heaven on Earth for your retirement years, then the Beara Peninsula in the south-west of Ireland should be among your top picks. While Ireland’s cities have experienced a surge in property demand over the years, few are noticing the hidden gems the country has tucked away in its countryside. So if $80,000 for a nice cottage overlooking the Atlantic Ocean sounds reasonable, and if miles of sandy beaches and natural beauties seem like an appealing backyard view, then Ireland is the place for you.

Apulia, Italy

Forming the heel of the Italian “boot”, the Apulia region is riddled with affordable real estate opportunities in its countryside as well as its towns. Finding Trulli houses for less than $100,000 is not a seldom occurrence here, and every property in this region lies in a beautiful natural setting that defines the Italian countryside. However, you can also find great deals in the bustling seaside towns portrayed by historic architecture and the distinctive laid-back Italian way of life.

Numerous European countries are on the rise in terms of economic progress, infrastructure, and real estate, making it the right moment to invest in a second home or commercial property. These prominent locations are the prime examples of a favorable real estate environment that buyers should consider.