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When you are renovating a home, you must never forget about the flooring. Floorings reflect the style you love and enhance the décor of the house. Problematic floors can be covered into a smooth and seamless one using some clever techniques which are affordable and less hectic. One such way is to use polished concrete overlays which are ideal for a cracked and problematic floor. Initially, polished concrete was installed in basements and commercial and industrial setting, but it has slowly become popular in the residential spaces too. Nowadays professionals install such overlays in all kinds of houses including sophisticated spaces. 

More on Polished Concrete 

Concrete is treated with chemical densifier and grinding tools, it is ground to create polished concrete. The installation of polished concrete overlays requires grinding and polishing the floor using diamond tools and polishing pads. It is possible to create designs and patterns with dye concrete, staining concrete and engravings. Such overlays are ideal for commercial spaces as well as homes. Floors that are cleaned daily and are not subjected to harsh chemicals, dyes or solvents. Floors that are subjected to auto-scrubber, acid and chemical spills are not ideal for such overlays. 

Maintenance of Polished Concrete 

It is very easy to maintain the polished concrete overlaysMicrofiber or any other soft pad can be used to dry mop the floor to avoid scratching of the surface. It is also possible to wet mop the polished surface at regular intervals.  A neutral pH cleaning solution and warm water can be used to clean the polished floors. Spills and dirt can be cleaned effectively without damaging the shine on the floor. If you find the floor dull due to high foot traffic, you can apply any simple sealer and burnish to retain the original shine of the floors. 

Ideas for Beautiful Home Floorings 

  • With little creativity, you can create any interesting designs without any grout lines. Colors and staining can be used to create designs that can be absolutely stunning at homes.
  • It is also possible to create unique designs with polished concrete overlays using timbers. Timber can be inserted in a regular interval within the polished concrete floors to create a different pattern. This can be a clever and easy technique to produce a classy and sophisticated look for your high-class home.
  • Adding different aggregates in the concrete floor can create a different style as well. Different sizes and colors of aggregates can be added into the concrete and polished to form beautiful floorings. Not only aggregates but also stone tiles inserts, brass and motifs can be inserted into the concrete to produce different stylish patterns. Seamless floors with interesting designs can enhance the entire look of the home. Mirror chips can be topped on the polish concrete too. Chips in a variety of colors can make the floor sparkle under the perfect light.
  • Different colors can be added to polished concrete overlays making it look attractive. You can use divers with using subtle colors to mark different areas in a space. Create a stylish and glamorous space using this concept.

Environmentally Friendly Polished Concrete 

It is possible to create an eco-friendly home with polished concrete overlaysMechanically polished concrete is sustainable and environmentally friendly in nature. Concrete is a strong material and is very durable in nature. With little and proper maintenance, a polished concrete floor can last for many years. It does not chip off or wear out soon unlike marble and tiles. You don’t have to worry about replacing it anytime soon unlike carpet or tile. Concrete can be ripped off when needed and recycled into new. Concrete is made out of natural materials and diamond bits are used to polish the floors. No harsh chemicals are used in the process of polishing the floor so there is no chemical emission.