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Skylights are an effective and stylish way to light your home or business, and can save you a great deal of money on energy bills! Solatube is one of Australia’s most technologically advanced skylight systems. Solatube skylights will absorb and reflect light from the sun’s rays and will provide your home or business with natural bright light without any UV rays of heat from the sun.

Skylights are better for the environment

Utilising natural light inside your home of business has many benefits, one of them being that they are more sustainable. Some skylights will not use any power at all, and those that do will use less than that of an ordinary light fixture. Using less power in your home or business means you are living a more sustainable life, and creating less of a carbon footprint.

Gaining permissions for skylights

Before installing a skylight in your home or business, you may need to gain approval for the skylight environment. Skylights must not interfere with the ventilation of your structure, nor impact the fire safety of the area. It must also be verified that the installation of a skylight, which will require cutting a hole in the roof of the building, will not compromise the structural integrity of the building. Be sure to get advice from a building professional who will be able to make sure the relevant approvals are gained before commencing installation.

Types of Skylights

Skylights come in a wide range of varieties, meaning you will be able to find the perfect fit for your home or business, from gloomy bedrooms, to starkly-lit offices, to huge factory warehouses.

Solatube Smart LED System

The LED skylight system will provide your home or business with lighting 24 hours a day. The technology combines LED lighting with natural light from the sun, which will result in you saving 94% of your usual energy costs. This light system brightens a room more than a traditional light fixture, and operates automatically, depending on the light outside. This means you will have the perfect lighting all day long. The Solatube Smart LED System is the perfect lighting solution for dark living rooms and dining spaces in your home.

Solatube Daylighting System

The Daylighting skylight is a simple tube that will stretch from the ceiling or your home or business to the roof. The tubing is reflective, meaning it will bounce almost 100% of light from the sun’s rays into your home. The dome, which will be on the outside of your roof, is completely weatherproof, making it perfectly safe in rain, hail, or shine. On the other end of the tube, the end installed into your ceiling, you will be able to choose from a range of fixtures to best fit the aesthetics of your room. The Daylighting system is the answer to gloomy bedrooms or offices, and will bring in natural light, which has been attributes to better productivity.

Commercial Solatube Skylighting

Skylights are not only for homes, they can also make for the perfect lighting in a commercial space, not to mention, they will save you a stack of cash on lighting bills. The commercial system is similar to the Daylighting system, however is altered to light larger, more expansive spaces. The commercial system comes in a range of different varieties that will effectively light anything from a workshop or factory, to a university lecture theatre. Skylighting a commercial space, especially one that is quite large, will cut down on the business’ carbon footprint and increase sustainability

Solatube Econotube

The Econotube is perfect for anyone on a budget who wants to harness natural lighting to use instead of traditional lighting during the day. The Econotube is a simple design that reflects light from the sun’s rays, and evenly distributes it into your home or business. It features simple fixtures both on the indoor ceiling and outdoors on the roof, and boasts a leak- and weatherproof design. The Econotube is the perfect solution for a first homeowner who wants to invest in a more sustainable home and save money on electricity bills.

Heavenly Intelligent Solatube Skylight

The Heavenly Intelligent Skylight provides the ability to light dark rooms in your home or office that would usually not be candidates for traditional skylighting. This system uses laser light bending technology, which harnesses the natural daylight and bounces it into the room below. This system is available in many sizes to suit any room, and is very quick and simple to install, limiting the time you will need to allocate for installation. This makes it perfect for busy offices, especially those that lack windows. Natural light in an office has been shown to increase workflow and effectiveness, as well as boost creativity.