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There is something very classic and eclectic about retro-styled furniture that transforms a place in a very gorgeous way. Retro furniture are categorised as those which were intricately design and used for decor in 1950s or 1960s or even beyond. Retro means vintage and backward that indicates using inspiration from furniture that was used in yester years and creating a unique interior space. There is a saying – “Old is Gold”, clearly depicts how retro furniture justifies the same.

The retro furniture has intricate detailing in them with perfect finishing and mostly furniture available in shades of washed colours. Integrating your home with retro furniture pieces along with modern furnishing creates a different vibe. A lot of people are highly fascinated by retro furniture owing to its resemblance with pop culture, bohemian designs, use of strong natural resources and overall creating classic piece. The variation in furniture has changed over time and gradual changes led to modern day furniture.

Retro Furniture as It Changed With Time

The retro furniture mostly from 1950s includes diners and intricately done tables that bring a unique and sophisticated outlook to the environment. In the 1960s, the furniture patterns were more playful and had splashes of colours in them. The coffee tables and beautiful bold chairs were much in trend during that time. It was mostly sleek and colourful till 1960s after which the furniture designing and detailing started to change.



Most of the furniture in 1970s had statement colours and little more simple as compared to older ones. In the 1980s the furniture became a little more different and has mostly motif pattern in them. There was a gradual change in the detailing and pattern of furniture in every 10 years. This makes the retro furniture interesting element to add a beautiful vibes around. The retro furniture is available in different style that has different designs.

Designs in Retro Furniture

The designs in the retro furniture vary and mostly are in motley pattern. It is mostly conjuring together geometrical shapes and splashes of colour that reminds of the colourful bygones. It is old yet classic and beautiful. The retro furniture in a way is modern furniture that imitates fashion and style that was used in past in a slightly different way. They are usually art deco furniture with defining characteristics and can be even at times classified in the category of vintage furniture.

The inspiration of retro styled furniture comes from things that were part of our lives back in 1950s and 1960s. The pop culture and loud colour graphics are the major theme of retro furniture. Today if you go to purchase retro furniture, you will find variations in the design. The retro furniture is available in different styles and each of the style is also available in versatile design.

Choose retro furniture by Era

Different era in past had different style and design and it is all about digging in the past and choosing the style accordingly. The furniture in different era of past have different colours, finishing, patterns etc. The furniture chosen from the retro style can be further enhanced with use of intricate illumination and detailing. Adding lot of colours to the furniture gives a completely different yet retro look. In 1950s the diners had high contrast and colourful booths and furniture that had metallic finishing. Pastel colours were also used in different types of furniture from 1950s.

Decorate the Porch

The wooden finishing of the retro furniture and the colourful recliners and sofa is huge reminiscence of the past. One of the major striking patterns that are observed in retro furniture is use of floral pattern and polka dots. The vibrant colours mixed with fusion of simplicity create beautiful furniture that paints a picture of bygones even today. The outdoor living or the porch area was decorated before in 1950s and 1960s due to time spent sitting there. Use pastel colours and other beautiful patterned furniture to decorate and style the porch adding a statement.

Different Style of Retro Furniture

There are many types of retro furniture that you can add to your current interiors and transform the place completely. The retro furniture mostly contained sofa of unique and vintage pattern. Along with that the diners with beautiful lighting is a beautiful way to add some flavours of retro. Booth seating is characteristics of retro styled furniture which is usually seen in restaurants. Addition of classic bar stools in vibrant colour is another characteristic of retro furniture.

There are different types of sofa starting from contemporary styled and it encompasses styles from several decades. Retro style requires a very bold and creative approach to bring a transforming change in the existing decor. Most of the furniture in this category has abstract feel. The sofas are mostly elongated, designed with multiple pattern and colours and complimented with beautiful floral or other patterned pillows. The barstools or normal stools are mostly brightly coloured. The diners are designed with high rise simple chairs along with round tables.

The use of cabinets and an addition of wooden library cabinet is beautiful retro styled furniture. The cabinets are available in different sizes and pattern right from tall ones to broader ones. The colourful cabinets are quite the trendsetter when it comes to retro furniture. One of easiest ways to pick retro furniture is to check for vintage style that includes retro colours. One of the most prominent retro colours is avocado green followed by various shades of mustard, brown, red, black etc.

Retro furniture ranges from elongated and high rise single sofa in floral pattern or abstract design to bar stools that enhances the complete decor of the home. The patterns and colours are elaborative and there is tick of bygone era that inspires the retro style. It is important to choose the correct lighting and accessories if you plan to purchase retro furniture and need to be absolutely creative in its use. The 1950s and 1960s was quite the era of colour and style that reflects in the furniture too.



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