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When I was young my interest in sewing machines was very low because I never wanted to try anything new and only enjoyed playing outside and make things worse. I do remember watching my mom making beautiful dresses to my sisters on the sewing machine.

One day my mother said. “ Come, learn how to use a sewing machine. You will need it when you grow up.”

I said, “ NO!!!! I don’t want to learn.”

“Ok, however, you will need it one day” my mom insisted.

Months passed and my mom still used the sewing machine to make very beautiful things for everyone. After watching my mom make beautiful dresses, I began to show more interest in sewing.  I realized that I really wanted to try, but it was very difficult to me to use it. Also, I start to realize that the sewing machines are important and help us make things better and more beautiful.

When I was 14 years old, my mom lets me make something on the sewing machine and it was my first time using the machine. It was very difficult for me to use the machine because I didn’t have any information on how to use it. After telling my mom that I didn’t know how to use it she showed me how to use it.

After knowing how to use it, it becomes easy for me and I could make whatever I wanted. With the use of sewing machines, my work became easy, because it was very fast and better than hand sewing because I remember how my aunt was using the hand sewing.  My mom also taught me some steps about the sewing machine. First, we have to take yarn and make sure we have to follow the arrows on the sewing machine.

Additionally, my mom taught me how to select home sewing machines. It is hard to select home machines and work machines because we have to be careful when we are selecting the home sewing machines. For example, we have to check the thread and some accessories. Most of the time people make a mistake choosing the home machine. They might choose random sewing machines without considering the accessories needed for it to make.

At age of 16, I started to use the sewing machine without my mom’s help because I had a little more information how to use the machine. One day, mom told me to make a dress for my little sister and I was able to make a beautiful dress for her. On other hand I able to make beautiful dress for my neighbors and my relatives.

Finally, when I was 11th grade, I understood that the sewing machines are important to people’s daily life because, the sewing machines are making people’s work easy, better and beautiful.  Nowadays sewing machines are getting beneficial to people’s lives and mine too. Most people are making beautiful dresses for the fashion show and they are making own fashion lines by using sewing machines. It helps them to get a good job from fashion companies.

Without sewing machines, we won’t be able to wear beautiful dresses. Sometimes we have to handle it without sewing machine because not all the people know how to use it and that is why they have to use their hands to make things. The sewing machines are important to everyone who wants to be a designer and wants to make their own fashion line.