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Whether your roommate is your best friend, your boyfriend or just someone you randomly met during the search for a flatmate, sharing space can be tricky. You both have personal things, decorating ideas and items you want to display, but if the taste is not mutual, a war could emerge. In order to avoid such a mess, you have to find common grounds and take some advice from the experts.

Respect the Common Space
Living with someone is all about compromise, whether it is about a shopping list or decoration. Other than your bedroom, every other corner of the apartment is a common space and you both should respect it. The best choice is making it neutral, but you can add some color to it with cushions, tablecloths, wall art etc. – you just have to pick them together. If your roommate and you have similar taste in décor, then there should be no problems decorating the living room, dining room or the bathroom, but if your tastes differ, it is best to stick to the basic functions of each room and keep the personal things in the bedroom.

Bedroom is all yours
In this room you can express your true self through decoration. Here, you can hang up all of your family photos, personal items, figurines and any wall art you prefer but your roommate doesn’t. No matter where and how many house mates you find, shared spaces will be decorated through compromise, but here there is no one to tell you what to do. You can make your bedroom as colorful as you wish, or keep it simple and minimalistic. Simply do whatever you want as long as your creativity is satisfied.

Shop Together
If you and your roommate need some new items before moving in together, make sure you go shopping at the same time in order to avoid any disagreements. Pick new towels, dishware, covers for the couch and cushions, etc. that you both like and believe will look great in the common areas. This will also save you plenty of money since you will know exactly what to buy, and you will learn a lot about each other’s likes and dislikes.

Make Decorations Together
The best way to settle various decoration disagreements is by making the decorations together. This can be done in various ways: make colorful holders for your indoor plants, create a pinboard for expressing your creativity and for shopping lists, search for a shower curtain that satisfies you both, make holders for books and magazines that you both read etc. Anything that you have in common can make a good means of decorating, so don’t be shy and take up some fun DIY projects to make your home more comfortable.

Use Colors
You might get lucky if your roommate loves the same colors as you, but if you are of no such luck, you can still make it work. Colors are here to make the home more alive and pleasant and if you pair them right, you can create a magical heaven. For example, if your roommate absolutely adores colder colors, your love for warm ones can create a magnificent contrast. Keep the walls in a neutral shade, while you add pops of your favorite colors through accent walls, furnishing, couch covers and cushions. However, don’t overdo it with the colors; keep everything simple and only add a few colorful wow factors in each room. Otherwise, you might create chaos.

The key is in compromising. Also, don’t forget to respect each other and always ask before making any changes in décor. With mutual respect and agreement, and a few rules, your life together will be blissful and there will be no fights.