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A patio awning significantly improves the appearance and functionality of your patio, as well as the overall look of your property. Patios have many purposes, from a simple reading nook to an outdoor kitchen, so it is important to choose the shape, material and colour of awning that will serve your intended purpose best. Here are five tips for patio awnings.

Types of awning

Before you do anything, you need to decide which of the two main types of awning will suit your patio best – a retractable or a permanent one. It mostly depends on the size of your patio and the area you want to cover. For a smaller patio, you should probably go for a removable setup like umbrella, canopy or a retractable cover.

On the other hand, if you own a larger patio, a gazebo or a pergola would be a better choice. While they cost significantly more and require more effort to build, they will definitely improve the overall appearance of your patio. Since they are permanent fixtures, make sure they match your house’s colour and style.

Choice of materials

When it comes to materials, you’ll be spoilt for choice. A more rustic setting can be upgraded with a wooden frame and wooden frame covers, reeds or thatching. Metal covers are more appropriate for modern or industrial style homes. While very convenient and easy to install, aluminium frames are not suitable for windy areas as they can be damaged by strong gusts of wind.

Fabric awnings leave you with plenty of colours and patterns to choose from. Both acrylic and polyester fibre have their qualities. Acrylic is more colour-stable, while polyester keeps its form longer.

Tip: Bright, shining colours are classic for awnings as they allow a lot of light, but they are also care-intensive, especially when exposed to dust, leaves and soot. If your home is located on a busy street or there are a lot of trees nearby, a darker colour or striped pattern would be a better choice.

Shape and size

A round or square marque patio awning is a fail-safe choice, but why stop there? Let your creativity be your guide and transform your patio into a relaxing outdoor space that looks different than the rest of patios in your area. If you don’t like the wedge-form awning, choose a large rounded one instead.

Retractable awnings are usually rectangular, but you can choose a trapezoidal or even triangular shape if it better suits the shape of your patio. At Sydney Shade they offer wall-mounted and cantilever umbrellas that maximize the patio space, while having a fully adjustable tilt and horizontal swing.

Awning adornments

A minimalistic-style home and patio ask for a simple unicolour awning. But if you want to bring it to prominence, you can choose a different adornment to make it more interesting. For example, solar lights on the inside will help you enjoy late evening talks on your patio.

If the structure allows it, you can hang flower pots on the awning and rotate seasonal flowers. It will make your patio livelier, and if you use fragrant plants like jasmine or clematis, the pleasure increases even beyond the visual. As with the awning itself, make sure the style of these adornments matches your house and patio.

When you know what you are looking for, choosing a patio awning is not a difficult task. While permanent structures upgrade the appeal of your garden, they do require more maintenance and are only justified by the large number of sunny days. For a smaller patio, a retractable awning is always a better option as they can be adjusted to match the patio size.