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A long time ago, the department of the house where people cooked food was the kitchen. The latter was only intended for cooking reasons, and as a result, most of the times it was a mess and abnormally small. A few steps forward and today things have changed quite a bit. People started taking the appearance of such a section seriously. It got to the point that kitchen nowadays and in particular kitchen cabinetry, express the way of doing things. They show the lifestyle and the taste of each household. Right now cabinets are not just for storing items. They have become an essential element that is closely related to the kitchen as a whole house department.  In particular, a cabinet can be described as the jewel in the crown that unites everything. It creates a symphony between all the appliances and the devices of the house in general! As expected, with the passage of time kitchen cabinetry got sophisticated and now there are so many variations that every taste should be good to go.

What’s trendy these days

Today there is a growing movement towards a slender look, focused on simplicity and minimalism. Here and there, however, you will find some wild and daring options appearing. While this kind of style will continue to be famous, some households prefer unique custom styles that will make a clear statement.  They key here is to understand what is important to you and then take the latest trends around you and merge them. It is guaranteed that the outcome will be a pure expression of yourself. Cool right?

Be the painter and let the below patterns be your base panel!Pick one of them and enhance it.

1. Oakwood

Oak furniture began to re-enter the kitchen and bathroom market as soon as the Cerused and Driftwood ones started running low. In the 1970s and until the early 1990s, they were the cabinet par excellence. The version where a panel of the cathedral’s door with wild grain motifs was raised became the pillar of many houses at that time.  After a much-needed exit, the popularity of maple, cherry and the increase in alternative wood techniques have reduced the use of oak enclosure structures. Materials such as veneer and lacquered MDF are more common than ever in cabinet door construction. Many households are looking for connections to their past while keeping a fresh look that reflects their personality. Well, with kitchens the same principle applies.

How does it look?  

Usually, oak has a neutral colour, size and structure. On the other hand, it can be customised a lot, and that’s one of the reasons that the latter building style is coming back. Their modern and clean simplicity or their natural rustic look started attracting customers again. After all, we are humans, and we love vintage stuff.  Cabinets from oak give a sensation of being connected to nature – could it be because animals’ houses in cartoons had oak furniture?- Therefore, oak wood is becoming increasingly popular in wardrobe construction. Manufacturers are producing a variety of interesting door styles, from recessed panels to floor plans with oak-based insert details and touches.

2.Your colour, your style

Tastes and preferences have changed a lot over the years. Nowadays more and more people want something unique that builds character and personality. Colour is one of the most effective ways to take something like that into account. By choosing your colour, you are making a statement and as a result, every person that walks in will notice that.  Production companies also take note of this. Although they pre-colour almost everything, they are still attracted to the masses as it is what brings the bread on the table. To resolve that, they partnered with paint companies to offer you an unlimited range of colours to inspire you and help you express your style.

A little guideline

There are three main categories of colours to choose from:

  1. Light,
  2. Medium and
  3. Dark.

The lighter shades are usually the neutral ones mentioned above. They are preferred for their simple, soft and clean appearance. Their goal is to express a timeless style, perfectly complementary to the other elements of the kitchen.

Midtones are the most common. Here, standard shades of blue, grey and yellow are the most used.  In addition to that emerald green, black ink, navy blue are common in kitchen cabinets.

The darkest tones are the most brutal and create unparalleled drama and luxury at the same time. If you want to differentiate from others, go for a dark tone. Usually, people avoid this kind of styling as it is quite a bit extravagant. As expected, they are less popular than mid and light tones.

3. Mix up different colours and styles. Be creative.

Thanks to technology, today’s owners have an almost endless list of colour finishing techniques and cabinets. From warm brown to antique grey, the possibilities are breathtaking. You can create your customised kitchen cabinet online and book it to get it done. Feel free to mix characteristics ( do not mix styles that have nothing to do with each other as it is  not a good idea!)

To summarise, owners are looking for unique colours that not only stand out but also work perfectly for their kitchens. If you need help with your decision, talk to a certified provider of such appliances. As in most other areas of the home, homeowners strive to create personal styles with bold statements, the guys over at Kitchen cabinets in Fresno CA are ready to take your kitchen to the next level. Same applies if you already have wardrobes and you are planning to renovate them. Get in contact with your favourite business; it is free!