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Your home’s exterior looked great when you moved in. Lush grass, edged lawns and sculpted hedges greeted you each day when you returned home. Recently, however, a casual walk around the neighborhood brought the realization that updating your exterior living area is necessary. While your yard remains impeccably maintained, it is just not the right atmosphere for dinner parties. Reviewing these examples may give you the perfect solution.

Designing a Deck Provides a Focal Point

Expand your living space with a wooden deck provides an elegant touch to your home. Deck designs can be simple or intricate, no matter which design you pick, a nice cedar deck adds sophistication. Incorporating a pattern into your deck design is a lovely focal point. Decks can include cutouts for miniature bonsai trees or succulent plants. Including wooden Adirondack styled deck chairs using the same wood and patterns as your deck is a classy touch.

Add a built-in wooden table with bench seating for breakfast outdoors. Using bright, plush cushions custom designed for your benches improves comfort as well as an attractive feature for you and your guests. Keep a patio umbrella ready for service in the event rain showers come calling. A wooden deck adds substantial prestige and value to your home.

Provide a Patio with Twist and Turns

Home layouts are not always optimal for decks, in that case, a patio designed for your space may be the answer. Far more options exist now as opposed the square, slab cement pads from your childhood. Patios designed for winding, narrow areas can create a delightful effect full of surprise turns and unexpected alcoves.

Define the patio’s path using faux columns, small brick fences or sculpted berry bushes. Build secluded nooks designed for reading, relaxing or intimate conversations. Add wisteria or other climbing vines for enhanced privacy. Strategic placement of built-in brick chairs or benches will be conversation pieces for your guests. Warm the cool brick seats using patterned cushions custom designed to your specifications.

Add an Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are among the grandest additions available for your outdoor enjoyment. A barbeque grill on a slab of cement is no longer the outdoor cooking method of choice. Carry dinner parties outdoors with a wood burning fireplace and an authentic pizza oven for entertainment. Luxurious features, such as an OFYR outdoor cooking grill, could also add to the grandeur of the environment.

Dine outdoors in comfort using outdoor furniture designed for more opulence than ever. Chaise lounges, sofas, ottomans and overstuffed armchairs wait to envelop your guests while they consume your gourmet meals. Outdoor kitchens are as much about socializing as they are about cooking. Incorporate space heating, ice machines and music systems into your outdoor kitchen and dining area. Do not forget new varieties in lighting designs that are a necessity for outdoor dinner parties at night.

Greet Guest with Water Features

Feature water attractions such as fountains, ponds, waterfalls or a pool with a grotto. Use repurposed water from indoor areas for water conservation and sustainability. Water soothes the senses, relax and unwind after a long day’s work listening to your waterfall trickling into your pool. Artistic lighting makes for a magical effect on water during the evening and at night.

Water adds a delightful atmosphere for your dinner party guests. Create strategically placed fountains near your front entrance to greet your friends. Continue aquatic themes with pools or ponds located near your outdoor kitchen and dining area.

The first impression that people get about your home comes from the outside. If that is something that concerns you, consider the above exterior design tips to help people have a positive opinion about your dwelling space.