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Having cabinets in your kitchen is an absolute necessity. They provide you with storage space for all your kitchen essentials and also add to the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen. When we talk about kitchen cabinets, RTA kitchen cabinet is the name which echoes in our mind at first.

RTA cabinets have become one of the most convenient and pocket-friendly choices for homeowners. They provide you with a flexible and customizable option for enhancing the beauty and functionality of your kitchen. Also, the variety that they offer compels homeowners to choose them over other cabinetry options.

There is no denying that RTA kitchen cabinets have won over our hearts. Buying them is not an easy task. Usually, kitchen cabinetry demands a substantial capital investment. Furthermore, you can’t replace them whenever you want. This-long term commitment might make it a daunting task. All these factors make it essential to pay unwavering attention to the type of cabinet you are about to purchase, in order to avoid any unnecessary hassles later.

Factors to Consider While Buying RTA Cabinets

Though budget, model, durability, and design are the major factors influencing those who decide on RTA cabinets, there are many other secondary factors that should be taken into account when making the purchase. Listed below is our detailed list of those factors.

1. Check Your Arsenal First

As RTA cabinets are DIY projects, they demand some basic tools and machinery to install them. It is suggested that you should check your toolbox before buying these cabinets. RTA cabinets don’t demand a whole suite of tools. A robust screwdriver, drill, table saw, and nail guns are all you need to install them. Check whether you have them or not. If they are already available in your garage, make sure that they are functioning properly to avoid any last-minute hassles.

2. Pay Attention to the Assembly

All RTA cabinets come with different assembly patterns and instructions. So, understand it beforehand and know whether it is achievable or not. The claim of the cabinet manufacturers that your RTA cabinets will be assembled in five minutes might not always be practical advice. Make sure that you understand the assembly procedure thoroughly before buying these cabinets.

If you go from groves and tongue drawers along with glue assembly, then it is going to be a time-consuming process and you need to allow time for the glue to dry out completely. Cam-lock assembly is easy to achieve and quite good in terms of durability. Assembly procedures involving wood and nails lack durability and are usually very cumbersome.

3. Test its Durability

Once entered in your kitchen, your RTA cabinets are going to stay there for a long time. Furthermore, you are going to use them numerous times a day. Therefore, it is very important to check the durability of these cabinets before buying them. Your RTA cabinets should be made from fine and durable material. Any low-grade material will only create problems on a regular basis. The thickness of the wood used is a major factor to determine the durability of your cabinets. A cabinet with ¾th of an inch thickness will definitely be more durable than that one which has only ½ an inch of thickness.

You can also ensure the durability of the cabinets by buying them from a verified and reputed seller. Make sure that you are buying from a trusted distributer only, as they will provide you with high quality products. Also, if the company is a trusted one, it is easy to get a timely solution for all your issues related to the RTA cabinets that you have bought.

4. Look Out For Certain Features

There are certain features that should be a part of your RTA cabinets without fail. While buying, make sure that your cabinets come with full drawer extensions. Cabinets with extensions that only allow for ¾th of the drawer to be opened will keep some of your stuff hidden in the back of the drawers. Furthermore, we would suggest you go with tongue and groove drawer boxes, as they are much more durable when compared to other varieties. Self-closing drawers are also a good choice.

Also, be sure to check the dimensions of your cabinets. It is a crucial factor to consider as a cabinet that has been wrongly measured will not fit into your kitchen. We would suggest that you take professional help to take the measurement of your cabinet area. Once you have the right measurements, buying the right cabinets would be a cake walk.

5. Finishing Says a Lot

The finishing of your RTA cabinets plays an important role in their look, quality, and durability. While a high-grade polish makes them look classy, a horrible coating is enough to make them look like a low-grade product. Always try to buy cabinets with the US made coating. We would suggest you to opt for hand-wiped stains polishing as it will help you to remove any stains without much effort. Stains are inevitable inside the kitchen. If you have stain-free cabinets, then your life is going to much easier. Also, it adds depth and richness to your regular cabinetry. However, it might cost you a little extra as compared to spray stain polished cabinets.

6. The Hardware Factor

You are going to open and close your cabinets every now and then. With such extensive use, your hardware should be durable enough to bear the wear and tear caused by continuous usage. Your cabinet pulls and knobs should be an ideal blend of style and strength. The hinges of your cabinet doors play an important role in their durability. So, ensure that they are of high quality, as changing the hinges frequently could be a hassle.

7. The Budget Binge

We can’t deny the fact that RTA cabinets are one of the most budget-friendly options. Still, we can’t ignore the cost factor. It is suggested to make a rough estimation as per your need and then purchase accordingly. RTA cabinets are available in various styles, sizes, and designs. Choosing the right one amongst them without a predefined budget will be confusing and expensive in the long run.


RTA cabinets are a good bargain when researched and purchased with care. You will be able to achieve aesthetically designed and durable kitchen cabinets by paying a little attention to certain factors.