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Best Bed Sheets
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For a beautiful home, it is a must that you spend enough time in the décor. And the bed sheets play a very important role in the home decor. If you think that investing in the furniture and the paints and the decorative elements alone can transform the appearance of the room, you are mistaken. However, most people often fail to choose the right bed sheets, bed covers and bedspreads for them.

Here are a few tips that will help you to choose the right one for you.

Choose The Material Wisely:
There is no need to mention that the material plays a very important role in thecase of the bed sheets. This is because you will be sleeping or lying on it and an uncomfortable material will never give you a comfortable sleep or rest.

In that case, it must be mentioned that the material that is most comfortable is cotton.

· The Indian cotton bedspreads are the most comfortable fabric that you can choose.

· You can also choose a satin or silk bed sheet, but they are not meant for regular use, and they also are very expensive and cannot be purchased for an affordable price.

Select The Right Print:
Now that you have chosen the right bed sheet material, you need to choose the right design or print for the fabric. In most cases, the best buy will be the block print bed sheet for you. There are a number of prints that are available in the market. The most beautiful and common prints are Jaipur prints.

Best Bed Sheets
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The Jaipur blocks are very intricate in design. The blocks usually use floral and similar intricate geometric designs and patterns. Hence, they are very beautiful and soothing to the eyes.

Choose The Right Colour:
After choosing the fabric and the print, you need to be careful about the colour of the fabric. The colour needs to match with the colour of the room decor. In that matter, the colour should be soothing and comfortable. As you choose a comfortable colour, it will make sure that the eyes are not hurt by the loud colours. The soothing coloured and patterned bed sheets can be used for long.

The Accessories:
It is not just the bed sheets that matter, but also the quilt and the cushions that you must be careful about. The bed sheet that you choose must have pillow covers matching with the print. Otherwise, it becomes extremely difficult for you to match the pillow covers with the bed sheets. But, along with the pillow covers, you must also have the right cotton quilts for your beds.

As you have the right quilts and the right Jaipur cushion covers or other cotton block printed cushion covers, it will give a complete beauty to your room décor. Just choose the print that matches with the print of the bed sheet. If you can’t find one, mix and match with the solid coloured cushion covers as they make sure that your bedspread designs and arrangements are complete and perfect.