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The fall season has begun! The colors found throughout nature during autumn are some of the most beautiful, rich colors in the spectrum. Let fall into your home this season and turn your living room into a warm and inviting space with this autumnal color palette.

Squash – Turn your living room into an autumnal sanctuary by incorporating a squash colored wall in your décor. A warm hue of yellow works splendidly as an accent wall against a light shade of gray. You can use accents of burnt orange, brown, and neutrals in your furniture and drapery to really make the squash color pop.

Moss – Rich shades of green are easy to incorporate with any existing color scheme in a home. For example, if you have shades of yellow, orange, or neutrals like cream or beige, a mossy shade of green works seamlessly with any of these colors. This color is also easily paired with any type of furniture, from wooden tables or leather couches.

Tangerine – Let the changing leaves outside reflect in your living room with hues of fall orange. A modern and optimistic color, orange can easily brighten living rooms with minimal sources of natural lighting. Choose shades of orange that are found in nature to avoid painting with a hue that is too bright. Try pairing this color with light blue accents for a fresh, hip look.

Rust – A beautiful shade of red-orange, rust works in a number of ways to create a unique look in any living room. Similar to moss, rust pairs well with a number of furniture styles and neutral colored accents. This color will provide a burst of style to a living room and is the perfect highlight of the fall season.

Eggplant – This color will easily tie in with any of the other colors in the fall color palette. A rich shade of purple, eggplant can serve as an elegant color on an accent wall, surrounded by warm gold tones, or cover all of your walls to create a royal living space.

Incorporate any of these colors into your living space to evoke a sense of the fall season. Fear not – these colors will continue to work year round to give your home a polished and sophisticated look. For more help with living room painting and color selection, contact the professionals at CertaPro Painters of Murfreesboro at (615)-489-4455.