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The kids are finally back to school, days are getting shorter, and Halloween is just around the corner. Fall has officially arrived! After you’ve dug out your fall wardrobe from the back of the closet, bring the harvest into your home with these interior decorating tips.

Scatter fall elements throughout your existing décor. Break out the box of fall decorations and use them throughout your home. Scatter faux leaves and miniature pumpkins throughout your shelving units. Create a unique centerpiece of Indian corn husks, pumpkins, and twine for your coffee table or dining room set. Get inspired by nature and pull some of these colors and elements into your interior décor.

Make small updates. Throughout the fall and the winter, you and your family will be spending a lot of time indoors. For this reason, Santa Ana Interior Decorator’s recommend a comfortable setup! From throw rugs to throw pillows, swap out your summery printed items with fall colors and prints. Swap out your current shades for warmer, fall colored statement pieces. This method works especially well if you have neutral colored furniture, making these accent pieces virtually interchangeable.

Incorporate candles into your accessorizing. Fall means that daylight hours are minimal, and the cool evening hours can use a little sprucing up. Keep your home warm and cozy this fall with various decorative candles. There are hundreds of fall scented candles, from pumpkin spice to autumn leaves. Fill your home with a warm ambiance and total fall “scent-sation” with candlelight!

Warm up your bedding. Throughout the summer, you might have only needed sheets and a thin throw blanket. With fall comes a decrease in temperature, especially at night, so keep warm with a fleece or heated blanket. You can find a number of bedspreads in fall shades of orange and red, or neutrals like brown or bronze. Cozy tip – keep a spare blanket at the foot of the bed that has a festive fall design on it for those extra cold nights!
Spruce up your entryway. Many people neglect the entryway of their home when making updates to décor. Add a vase of festive fall flowers to an entryway table, or attach a decorative wreath to your front door. Incorporate a fancy throw rug leading into your main room to add a touch of sophistication to your entryway. Not only will this make your entryway more inviting, but it will tie together the entire fall theme you have going on in the rest of your home.

Cozy up your home this autumn with any or all of these decorations!