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there has been a resurgence in the popularity of hardwood in place of the old
mainstay carpets that have been around since the 1950s. Hardwood is easier to
maintain, clean, and manage versus carpets. While the use of hardwood in
general is on the rise, there are specific trends that are happening right now
that a homeowner should be aware of. The following are four new popular trends
in hardwood flooring.

Non-Natural Colors

Over the past
few years, there has been rising popularity in using non-natural colors of
wood. Gray is the perfect example of a color that does not occur in nature. It
is admired for its neutral hue that can go well with most anything. In
addition, gray flooring looks more modern and updated than traditional


In following
with the unnatural trend, whitewash has also entered the mix. Whitewash
flooring gives off a vibe of elegance and sophistication. It is most often
associated with modern coastal homes, with the whitened wood giving off the
same colors as the sand on a beach.

Vintage Styles

In a sort of
twist away from the modern trends, vintage hardwood is also making a huge
comeback. Vintage is different from natural wood in that it is styled to look
as if the home it’s been installed in has recently been updated. It is often
full of curved knots and lines that makes it look like a work of art. If you
are intimidated by the thought of laying down the floor yourself, Certified Flooring Installation Inc. and similar companies can give you a hand.

Customized Vintage

Finally, in a
mixture of the above three, there is a clash of styles that comes out looking
stylish in itself. This style is a sort of updated version of the vintage
hardwood in which the vintage planks are whitewashed or colored gray. This not
only gives the house presence and individuality, it also goes well with the old
and new when it comes to furniture.
The above
types of flooring often are made from natural hardwood. However, hardwood can
sometimes be difficult to maintain in high traffic houses with lots of
children. In this case, laminate is a material admired for its durability and
its similarity in looks to natural hardwood.

Finally, if
the price is what might be the deciding factor when replacing the floors in a
home, vinyl is a viable option. Vinyl offers the durability of laminate and the
style of hardwood, all while maintaining a lower price than the other two. When
choosing the different types of flooring for a home, you can check out Home.howstuffworks.com to get more information on the varieties of
hardwood out there.