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This year’s hurricane season has wrought devastation in the United Stateson the areas hit by hurricanes Harvey and Irma of historic proportions.  Massive amounts of rainfall and flooding, loss of power, felled trees and power lines left millions of people struggling for the words to describe it how deeply they feel the loss of everything they owned.  Yet, wheninterviewed by reporters, it isamazing to hear how many people said they planned to rebuild in the same location.  You’d think with the loss of so much they would never want to live in a hurricane prone area again.  But research shows that many people do rebuild even if they have been through hurricanes before, because they still want to live near the sea.They know they can count on retailers like Home Depot to get them started with the long process and to treat them fairly, unlike smaller operations that might price gouge, or run out of supplies.

When the decision to rebuild is made, many people wonder how one can bounce back from such a disaster.  Many issues must be faced after the storm passes.  In some cases the residents have not only lost their homes, but their livelihood because their place of business is damaged or completely destroyed.  During trying times like these, it’s to your credit to use every resource available to help you get your life back on track as soon as possible.  Using every advantagemeans even searching Groupon for everyday items.  You can save money on food, clothing, and shelter with Groupon.  And right now, companies like Home Depot are offering deep discounts on the items like building materials.  You can save as much as 40% off select merchandise and even more of clearance items.  And you can have these items shipped to your location with a qualifying purchase, and many times for free.

It’s important to check out the contractors who offer you deals too good to be true.  As terrible as it seems, there will be unscrupulous characters going around neighborhoods taking advantage of vulnerable people.   Care must be taken so you don’t fall victim to a scam or fraud.  If the area will now be considered a flood zone, this could impact any plans you have to rebuild and should be confirmed before any contract is signed with a handyman or builder.  Rebuilding after a natural disaster that leaves you in the wake of devastation can be overwhelming.  Whether you suffered a small amount of damage, or a total knock down of your home, using the smart strategy of Home Depot and Groupon, you’ll find there’s help, and there’s hope.