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Adding tile is one of the easiest ways to increase the look of
your fireplace. Whether replacing old ones, or installing them for the first
time, fireplace tiles can make a huge impact. Here’s a fast guide to what you
need to know when considering them:

Luckily this is one home improvement that is worth its weight in
gold. That’s because of its relatively small size. Unlike other projects that
need a ton of materials to cover large areas, whether you decide to tile your
fireplace surround, hearth, or both you will need only a handful of tiles. This
often allows homeowners to splurge and purchase more expensive tiles than they
normally would since they only need a small number. It also means that if you
shop around for the best deals you can end up with a very cheap yet attractive


By adding to the look of your fireplace, you are actually also
adding tremendous value to your home. Despite its small size, when properly
tiled a fireplace can make a very appealing focal point for the entire room and
sometimes even for the whole bottom floor. Having one in your home adds to its
value financially since most house buyers will gladly pay extra for such
amenities, regardless of how little it may have cost you. By adding good
looking tiles you’ll also be making sure that you have an attractive place to
relax and enjoy the warmth of the fire with family and friends.

Safety And Toughness
While fireplace tiles look good, they also serve another very
important purpose, safety. Since they are not a flammable material they provide
the perfect barrier for keeping fire where it belongs. And this can really give
you peace of mind especially in the colder months when the fire is burning more
often. Tiles made for fireplace use can absorb very high heats without
breaking, cracking, or changing their color.

Choosing The Right Ones
Of course before shopping, you’ll need to take accurate
measurements of your space to guarantee you purchase the correct size. If
you’ll be buying hearth tiles, they must have a PEI rating of four or five to
make sure they can handle the stresses of use. Because of their toughness, many
homeowners will actually choose floor tiles for both the hearth and surround.
But, you could always go with more decorative wall tiles for the surround if
you choose since they won’t be exposed to the same abuse and extremes as the
hearth. And don’t forget to make sure you use only heat resistant tile adhesive when
it comes time to install whichever material, size, or style you do choose.

For an impressive and functional upgrade that adds much more value
than it costs, fireplace tiles are a smart investment. They’ll not only improve
the look and value of your home but help keep it safe too. Just be sure to take
your time and do a little research to help make sure you pick what works and
looks best.

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