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So, you’ve just completed your university degree and having your own apartment now, for the very first time. Isn’t it exciting enough to spend your first pay-cheque on all the home decor artefacts that you’ve always admired? But, the cheque which you thought was juicy and fat enough is merely enough to cover all the expenses and then you’ve started realizing now that you’ll not buy all the furniture at once. Yes, that’s a correct decision! It totally depends upon the requirement and necessity based on which you should decide what are the artefacts or furniture that you should buy immediately and what are the ones for which you can wait for sometime to have those enhancing the grandeur of your living room or bedroom.

Today, I am with such a list of furniture which you should buy just after you get an apartment and the ones which you can get later on. I am sure this detailed list will lead to make the whole episode of decorating and furnishing your home an easier and planned one.

Have a look!

Furniture to buy now


After a whole day of hectic work, the one thing which proves to be most comfortable for you is a good-night sleep in a deluxe and luxurious bed. So, buy an opulent bed soon without making a delay because this is one of the most furniture which you need as a basic requirement. You can get discounts on furniture from Debenhams and can save huge bucks while buying a premium quality bed.

Sofa set

The second priority which comes after a bed is the sofa set. It’s because sitting on the floor and letting your guests sit on a mat is just awful. It is also a mus-needed furniture which you should have when you’re hosting a party or get-together. So, go for a sofa set as a priority.

A study table and chair

If you sit on a sofa or bed all the time when you work from home or you’re simply reading can lead you to have back pain, spinal chord issues and many other health problems. So, buy a set of comfortable and classy set of table and chair for your studies.


You are staying in a new apartment should not mean that all your clothes will remain cluttered here and there. So, you must have a cupboard which is big enough that you can arrange all your clothing in an organized way inside it.

Furniture to buy later on

Side Tables

Side tables are quite necessary and you can add one in your living room. Say, you’re sipping a glass of beer or coffee while watching TV, you can easily keep that in the table apart from keeping it on the floor. And therefore, you don’t have to bend again and again to take a sip.


A headboard over your bed will certainly make your bedroom look great. It will also give an aesthetic and fashionable look to your bedroom. Headboards are also helpful to keep your pillows and also can be a storage place for your books and personal items.

Dinning table and chairs 

Until you’re throwing a dinner party, you can probably adjust and have your meals on the sofa for a while. It’s not that urgent but yes it should be there in your home in the long run. It’s because having your meals, watching TV and welcoming your guests to sit on the same sofa will not be something that you’ll feel decent and convenient for a longer period of time.

So, what are you waiting for? If you’re planning to buy an apartment soon or you have just bought one, you should include these furniture in your checklist to provide with a homely ambiance to the apartment and make it a perfect and cosier place to live in.