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Homeowners will agree on how difficult and stressful renovations can get. Not everything will go exactly the way you and your architect or designer planned it. During the process, you’ll most likely bump into problems and challenges that will stretch your budget and test your patience.

If you’re about to come across your first renovation project in your life, you have to aim for the best as you prepare for the worst. Put an effort to know the general construction process. Read about the most common problems and challenges that homeowners experience during a renovation so when you come across one, you’ll know what to do.

Aside from that, here are the other things that will help you run your renovation project smoothly— like a pro —even if it’s your first time:

Tip: Never think twice about seeking professional help

Everyone wants to make the most of their remodelling project’s budget. Since there are a lot of online tutorials that are easy to follow, some homeowners choose to DIY a renovation.

Here’s the thing—a DIY renovation project, whether big or small, can turn into an expensive disaster if the person doing it is inexperienced in building. This process is complex and costly in nature, so never skimp a consultation with an architect of design pro. The last thing you want is to commit mistakes that may frustrate you and cost you thousands of bucks in the future.When you hire design and building professionals to help you in the process, you’ll have a sure shot at improving your home. Architects and building designers always study the structure’s preexisting conditions first before they tear it down to build a better one. They’ll tell you the set of professionals, materials, and processes that you’ll need to finish the project. A pro’s expertise will light your way throughout this tedious journey.

Tip: Involve yourself in the process

As the homeowner, you are an important part of the renovation team—you are the boss. Lead this one!

You don’t have to be an expert builder to run your renovation team. The architects and builders you hired will micromanage the stuff for you. You’re there to make the decisions related to the budget, schedule, and monitor the speed of the entire project. (Everything has a deadline, guys!)In addition, some design firms use virtual reality (VR) and its sisters augmented reality (AR)  and mixed reality (MR) to present the final look their clients. If the designer you’re working with does this, you’re in luck!

The VR technology lets you explore on the structure’s final look before it’s built. You can see the effects of your design decisions and make the changes before everyone commences with the project.

Tip: Ask the designer about the construction implications of the design

Yes, complications between the design and construction phase exist. A good architect always discusses these factors with the homeowner. If your architect didn’t mention any, ask them.

For example, opening the ground floor of the house to allow natural ventilation will require a structural engineer. If you’re not working with a designer, you’ll be surprised with this during construction. There are chances that your project will be delayed and you’ll shell more money due to unexpected costs.

Tip: Communicate with your team properly

The best way to ensure that your project follows the plan is by having weekly or bi-weekly meetings with your renovation team. Keep it short—just ask for the status of pending tasks in a project. Nobody likes long, dreaded meetings when there’s a lot of stuff to do.

Truth is, designers and builders will do anything to make you, the client, happy. They’ll show up on short-notice meetings and come up with solutions to your requests. You’ll give them a challenge, they’ll say aye aye to you because you’re the captain of this ship.

Be kind and try not to be a horrible person to work with.

Tip: Refer back to your goals it at all times

Some problems your team encounter during the renovation process will affect the entire project big time. For example, unexpected costs in your bathroom renovation may require you to give up the walk-in closet you’ve been dreaming of. If this happens, remember your goals and stick with it!

If you set your priorities straight, you’ll know what luxuries you can give up to get the important parts of your home renovated.

Tip: Prepare a contingency budget

We can’t tell when the problems and unexpected costs will come up during a renovation, hence, it’s best to set a realistic contingency budget. Allow at least 10% of your renovation budget. You can use this money to rescue a project that’s running out of cash.

Tip: Don’t stress too much on your Construction timeline

Ideally, everyone in your design and building team should develop ways to finish your project before the deadline and within budget. Don’t fret when your team don’t hammer something for an hour or two. Renovations are not just about tearing walls down. They might be thinking about something in the project at the back of their minds. It takes time to work out the details of a project.

In addition, there are issues and that may overdue a project. You need time to implement your backup plans. Just focus on finishing the project the right way and you’ll be enjoying your fully renovated space in no time.