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As a home or business owner, your time is valuable. This
makes taking the time to find a professional painter that will provide a timely
and high-quality service for all of your painting needs. By taking time to
consider these important qualities, you allow yourself the best success and the
most bang for your buck. A professional painter should possess many of these
important qualities.

Experience and
Ask the professional painter for references you can follow
up about timeliness, quality of service and professionalism. Ultimately a good
professional painter will be experienced and can offer a professional service
that is satisfaction guaranteed and in writing.
Insured &
“With this experience comes being licensed and insured. A
professional painter will have all the required or proper licenses required of
them by the state they work in. It’s important to know the specifics of your
state (many don’t require a license),” said Greg Flanagan, owner of a Minneapolis painting company. “A
professional painter should also be insured. This protects you from incurring
expenses if any damage is done to your home or business during the painting
process from start to finish.”
Detail-Oriented & Polite
It’s important to take these qualities into account
especially if the painter will be working within your place of business. A good
painter will pay attention to detail, act professionally and act courteous to
those around them.
Is Thorough
“This quality is associated both with the quality of the
service and the written contract itself,” said Alethia Erotas, spokesperson for
a home building company. “The
written contract you have between you and the painter should include specifics
on preparation and cleanup, specifics of what is being painted and the specific
colors of each area as well as how furniture and other things will be protected
during the process. Lastly, the timeline of the project and how and when the
painter will be paid should be included.”
Uses Only
High-Quality Products
Talk to the professional specifically (and their references)
about the type of products they use. Ultimately the type of paint product used
will affect the overall look and how long the paint will preserve overtime.