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When you consider buying a drink coaster, you don’t put much thought as it’s an insignificant thing on your table. Not more than 4 inches in diameter, this small piece of table accessory is more than a serving a glass. Drink Coaster has much bigger use than you can think of. Also, today the market is flooded with the different type of coasters that are made from wood, stone, crystal and silicone.


Buying a best drink coaster for the home might not be a rocket science but everyone needs coasters that are useful and beautiful. There are various models of drink coasters in the market, so pick the one which has the correct diameter as per the glasses you use to serve drinks. Also, make sure they have absorption quality so the wooden furniture remains protected from glass sweat. If you still feel that buying drink coasters for home is the waste of money then we have few points to convince you to get a set of coasters for your place.

Protection for Glass Table:
We all love a shiny glass table in the office but think of a big scratch on the table just because someone dragged a glass on top. Instead of feeling helpless, get a beautiful drink coaster for your office glass table that will protect the smooth surface from the scratch from metal coffee cup. Also, a good coaster will absorb the excess of glass sweat that can stain and spoil the look of your shiny table. 

Safeguard Furniture:
You have protected your old furniture with the best quality of wax that prevents water absorption still you are horrid to see a ring-shaped stain on the wooden table. This happens when you don’t use drink coaster on the table. Most of the furniture gloss wear off with exposure to sunlight and dust. The shiny surface you see on the table is mere wax which doesn’t really stop the moisture getting in to the furniture. With drink coaster for home, you will be preventing such nasty stains on the wooden table. 

Great for Absorbing Glass Sweat:
There are times when you keep a chilled drink on the side of desk with a hope to sip once a while. When you keep a chilled beverage on the table for a longer time, it tends to sweat off the water. Not only this leaked water create a mess on the table, if you put your phone or any electronic equipment on the damp desk, there is a risk of getting an electric shock or ruining expensive stuff. Use high absorbing drink coaster to prevent glass sweat leaking on the table. Also, these drink coasters are designed with a grooved pattern that will prevent them sticking to your glass. 
To Promote Your Brand:
Owing a bar is not an easy job when you have to handle the drinks, remember the refills and keep on wiping the bar table so no stain shows on the surface. Well, you cannot really relax your load of drunken talks, too many refill orders but with good drink coasters, you can protect bar table from nasty alcohol stains. Get some really funky coasters that will protect your table from stains and looks impressive on the bar. Personalize set of coasters on your brand name so that your visitors can remember the name and promote it to other people. 

Considered as Etiquette:
Drinking wine can only make you feel classy if you present it in a correct way. If you have a really classy guest at home, present them wine on a beautiful coaster. No only it is expected etiquette but also the drink coaster will prevent the slip of glass or stain on your furniture. If you look online, you can easily find beautiful crystal drink coaster or natural wood coasters that will look elegant on your table. Make a great collection so every time a guest comes, you can show off new coasters with great wine.

A beautiful set of drink coaster for the home are absolutely necessary when you are entertaining guests with food and great wine. You can easily find great decorating drink coaster online. Choose from the unique collection of coasters made from sandstone, limestone, marble or just plain natural wood.