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If you love browsing through various interior design magazines, then you are well aware that having a mega-sized kitchen is the biggest kitchen design trend today. It is true that having a grandiose kitchen is a dream of most people. However, not all people are given the opportunity to live this dream.

With the economy and the little income that a lot of people are getting these days, some people have to bid goodbye to this dream and to settle in the coziness that a small space kitchen can bring. If you only have a small kitchen, there is nothing that you should sulk about. You can still create a fabulous- looking kitchen just by focusing in three major aspects of interior design– lighting, appliances and storage.

With that in mind, here are five effective decoration tips for small space kitchen:

Make use of smaller and a lot more compact kitchen appliances.

With the increasing demand for this type of appliances, various manufacturers have come up with lots of appliance designs that are perfect for small space kitchens. Such types of appliance include refrigerators, countertop stoves, microwaves and many more. With the wide array of choices, you can surely find one that would fit your needs and your kitchen space.

Have an island in the middle.
You can see kitchen designs with island in various magazines. Because of this, you would think that this would only be perfect for big space kitchens. For your information, a small space kitchen can also benefit from having an island too. This is very useful since it can provide storage which you can access from different points in the kitchen.

Apply the galley kitchen layout.
U-kitchen layouts are quite popular today and this is because of a good reason. With the extended countertop that this kitchen layout exhibits, the home owners are provided with lots of storage spaces that will come very handy for a small space kitchen. In this layout, the cabinets, counters and appliances are connected in straight lines, facing one another. This will create the illusion of a longer kitchen.

Create illusion with the use of proper lighting.
As mentioned above, employing proper lighting can certainly do great wonders to the look of the small space kitchen. You can create the illusion of a bigger space by installing lighting under your cabinets or your kitchen counters. It is best that you choose proper lighting so that your kitchen will look a lot bigger and more pleasing.

Revamp your storage.
Your choice of storage solutions can also have an impact on how big your kitchen will look. The more storage options, the less crowded and the more tidy your kitchen will look. With this in mind, it would be wise that you install cabinets that are deeper than normal. In this way, you can store more appliances and kitchen materials inside.

You do not have to totally let go of your designing passion just because you have limited space on your kitchen. Keep these tips in mind and you can surely enjoy a good looking kitchen!

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