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No wonder an individual spends about 40-45 hours per week consistently at a workplace. Within these 40-45 hours of work routine, many of us do not get the opportunity to look properly at the messy working area of ours. We always work with a headache of fulfilling a target in order to keep the boss happy and satisfied. But trust me, if you just take 10-20 minutes from your 40-45 hours of working routine per week to organize your weekly mess at your desk, it will definitely put a great impression of yours in front of your colleagues and boss perhaps.

Seeing you set an example of having a clean working space, many of your colleagues will get inspired. Thus you can bring a change in your office working style. It is experimentally proven that a clean and organized working area improves the overall working efficiency.

Even though your company might hire cleaning experts to clean the everyday mess of the office but sometimes it is better to do it yourself as you never know if the cleaning individuals will do the job as perfectly as you would do for your own sake.  Additionally, they have no idea about your preferences like where to keep the important files or keys.

Below are the five useful tips and tricks to clean your working area smartly

  1.    Unstain your working table

Probably you are more inclined towards having your snacks on your working table. It is totally not an issue unless you remove the food stains from the surface of your table. In order to easily remove the stains, you can consider using the cleaning spray from Tiddox. Just simply spray on top of the stains and leave for 20 seconds to disintegrate. Then simply wipe out the stains with a paper towel and dispose of it.

  1.    Office electronic gadgets need to be cleaned

One of the most commonly used electronic gadgets in the office is the personal computer and particularly the console along with the mouse. Whether it is the official tasks you are performing or sneaking a bit into Facebook, you are now and then touching the PC all day. Not to mention how clean your hands are, the console will be bearing multiple kinds of microscopic organisms. When you touch your console in order to work and eat at the same time, you are likely ingesting a lot of harmful bacteria. Ultimately, you might fall sick because of this unhygienic habit.

If you don’t want to face that scenario, you need to straight-forwardly use anti-bacterial cleaning wipes to clean your console now and then.

  1.    Dump the work area trash

You may find an attachment with your old shiny pens or the magnetic business cards or the log books but speaking straightforward, they are nothing but a space-occupying trash. It is ideal to dispose them off to create more space in your working table for upcoming new items or else by mistake you may spill coffee over your important documents or console.

I guess that will be a great disaster of the day. Remember the more organized your working space is, the more organized you will look to your peers as the working space is a reflection of yours.

  1.    Manage a spot for every item

In order to relieve yourself from cleaning a heap of mess every week, you can dedicate a spot for every individual item you possess. If you can’t remember where to put what then just write the name of the item, for example, keys on a sticky note and stick it on your desired spot.

A sticky note will always remind you about the mission you are on – cleanliness. Doing so will reduce the amount of time to clean up the mess at the end of the week.

  1.    Manage your heap

It is not unusual to have a heap of documents right in front of your face in the corporate world. It might become a headache for you to find a specific project document when all the documents are arranged in a puzzled manner. Just to give you a relief from such headache there are record holders available that can be named according to the project and time. Similarly, you can also name the files of different projects in your PC and save them, when asked for you can find them in no time.