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Are you thinking about renovating your kitchen? Or are you thinking of kitchen design for your all new house? A kitchen is the center point of any home, it’s where all the birthday cakes are made, all the big family dinners are carried out, this is where the day starts and the day ends. Therefore, it needs to be carefully designed and well structured.

If you are an interior designer then you probably already know what to do and what not to do, however, if you are not a pro at designing, and are worried about the design of your kitchen, don’t worry we got your back. You might bring all the right items for your kitchen, but if these items are not placed in the right place, it might be a disaster.

So, let’s see some of the most important things that you need to keep in mind while designing your new kitchen. If you take care of all these things, then congratulations you have created a beautiful kitchen for your house.

Planning of the layout

First things first, plan. Make a good plan of everything that you want to do in your new kitchen. The layout will be on the top of this list. It is the most difficult part of the planning, and if not done correctly, you can ruin your kitchen. Be very clear about the things that you would use in the kitchen and the things that would be most frequently used. If you just put things here and there, you will frustrate yourself because you just won’t be able to find anything in its place.

Leave some space to walk around the kitchen so that it did not look very tight and messed up. Keep it airy.


The next crucial part is the budget. When you go into the market, you will see plenty of beautiful and amazing things that you might want to buy right away, but keep in mind that you don’t want to be wasting money on the things that you don’t need. A kitchen designer can help you find the right items at the most reasonable prices. Floor models are the best way to cut out some budget. Buy the things that you necessarily need in your kitchen, don’t stuff your kitchen with the expensive things, because even they will not be able to give a beautiful look if they are just stuffed in one place.

Don’t make it too tight

I have seen some kitchen where they have got to close the door before they can open the oven because there just isn’t any space. This gives a very bad look and ruins the look of your house. Don’t leave any corners in your kitchen, make sure there is enough space to walk and give a very open look to your kitchen. This does not mean that you need to have too much of land to do that it needs the right architecture and the right items.

The color schemes

For the smaller kitchen, you might want to go with some light colors. The most popular colors nowadays that we see are blue, gray and white. They give a very decent look. Bright colors may bring a lot of energy to the room, but they might overwhelm the eyes. So be careful about that.

The backsplash

Don’t forget these. They add to the individuality of your kitchen and complete its look. Choose a backsplash that complements your countertop. Go for some big tiles and light colors, and you are good to go.

The kitchen is the focal point of a house. Out of all those Pinterest ideas and the magazine pages that you have kept, focus on that one thing that caught your eye in every picture, may it be the sinks or the floor or the wood. Create your dream kitchen and get ready to throw a big party because with a kitchen like yours, you are all set for it.