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One of the fastest growing trends in house constructions is wooden floors. Wooden floors have several advantages that include easier maintenance and repair processes. You can choose from a variety of wooden floors for your house depending on your preferred results on the appearance and the effect. The following is a list of floor sanding necessities including the material you need for a DIY service, replacement, and the importance of floor sanding Brisbane services.

Refinish or replace

An important debate emerges on the best option for your wooden floor. You can choose to either replace the floor with a completely new one, or refinish the same floor, which means less work, less money, and less efforts.


Replacement of your wooden floor might be the best option but it depends on a number of factors.

1. Damage by water

Water can damage your floor significantly. The floor with water damage might not be safe. Refinishing such a floor, would only correct the appearance. However, little will happen to the damaged area and the problem will only persist, as the damage continues to increase as well as the risk of an accident. In such a case, a replacement is better than refinish.

2. Failing floor

A failing floor means a floor that is on the verge of giving in to the pressure and breaking. Wooden floors cannot last as long as cemented floors or any other option. When your floor starts showing cracks, it might be advisable to choose replacement with an alternative, in turn eradicating the possibility of an accident once it finally gives in.

3. Number of refinishes

Refinishing your house has a specific disadvantage. One of the steps involved in refinishing is sanding the floor. Essentially, sanding is wearing out the top layer of the wood to provide a fresher layer of the wood. Continuous wearing of the floor will result in the floor growing thinner. When the floor gets thin to a certain level, you cannot afford to refinish the floor again because it would reduce the floor’s integrity. At this point, the replacement is best.


When you do not have to worry about all the above reasons of replacement, you can refinish the floor. Refinishing has a number of advantages with which it associates, as explained below.

1. Total cost

The price of a new installation and removing the old floor would be high. That is the reason why you should consider refinishing as the total cost is less, compared to replacement options. Floor sanding Brisbane services are affordable and advisable.

2. The date of installation

You would prefer it if your floor lasts longer. Scratches and stains are inevitable in any house. You should not consider replacement each time this happens. Instead, opt for a refinish, as it would greatly improve the appearance and appeal of the floor for a very low cost. This will prolong the time duration in which your floor serves you.

Steps in a refinish

When refinishing your wooden floor, you have to take care to ensure that the process produces great quality results. A number of steps would increase your success rates.

1. Screening

This step is only applicable to certain wooden floors. It involves removing the finishing coat on the floor without interfering with the wood. This step is important when you intend to change and replace the floor finish, especially when the wood does not show any sign of scratch or additional damage.

2. Sanding

Sanding involves removing a layer of the wood in order to expose a fresh layer without damage. A sander, in this case, is most efficient.

3. Adding a stain

Most wood types have a natural color that does not require any additional paint. When you have that kind of floor, this step is irrelevant. However, when you intend to improve the look of your floor from the natural color, you can choose to have a stain added on the floor after sanding. A number of colors and patterns will give you great options for this step.

4. Coating

Wood reacts with many agents. This means that exposure to certain temperatures, liquids, or chemicals, might damage the wood faster. You need a coating to reduce the exposure to such factors.

Choosing your polyurethane finish type is important. Two major options are available. You can choose a water finish or an oil finish. Water finish coating is better than oil because it has a tendency to dry up faster and it remains the same over time, giving your floor the same color every time, for a long time.


This is the best way to ensure that you improve your home, making it ready for a resale. Your floor refinish will save you more and increase the effects. It is important to hire a professional that will suggest the best rates and provide best results.