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With this world rapidly rushing
towards progress, increasing user friendliness is believed to be a universal
key for unlocking new doors of practicality. The rising trend of container
homes is thought to be simple, cheap, yet quite ingenious, even prone
attractiveness. All around the world, the containers in their new type of use
as objects in which to live, seem to be blossoming slowly, yet determinately.

Choosing a container

First things first though, if
you’ve opted for such a bold move, you need to pick the containers, by
yourself. Furthermore, do not refrain from paying an expert to come along and
help you check for any possible damage or fallacies.

Perhaps even preceding the step
above, is getting familiar with housing rules of your state, country, or even
city. There are various different housing laws, so you might even want to opt
for a legal consultation, in order not to rush into things head first and crash
and burn.
Find a contractor

On that note, finding a contractor
can solve all of your problems. Acting as your guides, these professionals know
their business and can prove to be a tremendous help in terms of advisory.
Furthermore, if you’re not afraid to pay up a little more, you can be sure you’ll
find one for everything, in contrast to finding a bunch of separate ones for
modifying containers, exterior and interior, etc.
Building basics

Now we can move on to actually
establishing your home. Starting with the bottom, the foundation is the most
important part of your house-to-be. Starting with a 24’ x 40’ perimeter
foundation wall, the procedure is as follows: the perimeter is filled with
gravel, while the precast panels are dropped in using a crane, after which they
are attached together. Including basic things like insulation and water
proofing parts, it is advised that the panels be bought pre-made.
After this come the modifications.
Under the advisory of an architect, your desired modifications are made using
cutting, panel removing, and welding together a number of containers. The
possibilities are endless! Remember the LEGOs? Think about how much fun you had
making various shapes using nothing but bricks. Containers are quite similar.
Simple, cuboid and similar (dare I say same?) in size, these babies let your
imagination go wild! Tear down that wall and make a balcony, stack one on top
of another and voila – a gallery, right there! Although this might seem easy in
theory, the process requires a ton of legwork and expertise, so be prepared to
hire a manual workforce.

Another positive
side of container shelters

is that they were designed to carry as much as 60 ,000 pounds each!
Furthermore, the obvious idea is that they be transported via cargo ships, so
in order to save up space, so more of them can be fitted, they come with locks
in the corners, that perfectly correspond to the next shipping container the
first one leans against. How convenient, right? Add a little bit of welding,
and you’re in the clear!

While it is possible that the
longer sides of the container be cut and fitted with windows, perhaps a better
(and safer) solution might be opting for huge windows on the smaller sides.
Now, come on, who the hell doesn’t like big windows?

Interior design

To finish up, before moving on to
furnishing, which has no difference to your regular house, install the basics
of any home. While it is true that these containers were designed to last and
resist wind, moisture and other forms of damage, it might be safer to make sure
you provide framing, insulation, heating and cooling systems. Make sure you
supply your home with electricity and plumbing and your lair is almost
The only thing that remains now is
that you make sure your new house goes through all the inspection processes
like foundation, plumbing and electrical, architectural and fire. All of these
can be done with your contractor and a building official.
And that’s it, you’ve just built
your home. Along with the fact that you just got off cheap, the sheer feeling
that you’ve made a big part of your life – that is your very own household, by
yourself, should be enough for you to at least consider this option. Now stand
back, and enjoy that feeling of accomplishment.