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The style and colour of your front
door will tell everyone who you are and what to expect from you. Also, front
doors are great part of your home’s first impression and you should make sure
it’s good. Also, the choice of this traditional element can add value to your
home, not just in terms of curb appeal, but also energy efficiency and

In order to determine the right
front door for your house, you have to pay attention to the material you will
use. It has to be sturdy as it has to withstand the elements, but it should
also appeal to the aesthetics of your entire house. To satisfy the
functionality aspect, you should choose durable materials, and you have three options
– wood, fiberglass and steel.



There are plenty of substitutes
for wooden front doors, but real strong wood is still one of the
most common choices
. Contemporary wooden doors are often like sandwiches of
wood veneer skins around a wooden core. Such a structure minimizes the chances
of warping and it also lowers cost. However, even though wooden front doors
look beautiful and luxurious, they will require plenty of maintenance.
This material is sensitive to
moisture as wetness can cause doors to warp, change shape or crack.
Additionally, sun can greatly affect the durability of wood and if doors are
protected from sun and moisture, they will last longer. If you like the
elegance of wooden doors, you should opt for solid wood such as mahogany, which
you can carve according to your taste and interior design. However, make sure
they are examined each year in order to prevent any damage. 



Steel too can look elegant and it
can easily fit into the design of any home. Additionally, steel can withstand
dents and any minor damage can easily be repaired with an auto-body kit. So, if
you are looking for quality security
, you should consider this material. Another great aspect of steel
front doors is that they have a high insulating value and can save plenty of
energy and cut down the bills. Just like wooden doors, steel ones come in
variety of shapes and sizes.
You can opt for such doors with
decorative glass windows or any other pattern you like. Mostly, these doors are
picked because they guarantee security for your home and they can elevate any
modern house design. However, the lifespan of steel is shorter than the one of
wood, so make sure to regularly examine the doors and remove rust on time. 


Fiberglass Composite

Because this material is
extremely durable, people tend to choose it more often. Fiberglass composite
front doors can last very long and they require almost no maintenance. This
material is resistant to warping, moist, dents, rust and rot, and you don’t
even have to repaint it or apply any stain touchups. Also, fiberglass composite
can easily withstand any harsh climate conditions, which makes it the perfect
choice for front doors. Plus, such front doors can come in a variety of styles,
designs and shapes, and you can easily fit them into the style of your home.


The front door is the first thing
your guests will see and you have to make sure it fits into the overall style
of the house. Therefore, you should find
the right colour for it
. Stick to the general design of the house, but don’t
be afraid to make a statement. If your house’s colour is rather light and
gentle, you can choose a bold red or orange door, and make a statement with
just that one element. You can do the same with colder options, such as deep
blue or green, and boost your curb appeal. Whatever you do, make sure it is
done with taste and that it doesn’t deviate from the overall tone and design.
Choosing a front door seems like
an easy job, but there are plenty of factors to consider. Think about the
material and security you need for your house and you will be able to narrow
down the choice. After you have found the perfect material, focus on the style
and color, and your front door will be there to last.