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Christmas is about to arrive, and you must be worried about the decorations, and even if you aren’t concerned then I am sure your kids must be over-excited! To decorate the home for this festive occasion, I have brought you some ideas. Read on to find out.

Adorn With Green

You can decorate the mantel and shelf with some green branches and twigs, you can use pine and spruce, etc. or even juniper. To keep them fresh you can keep spritzing them with water. If you want some sparkle, add birch twigs, silvery pinecones or winterberry.

More Roses

You should plant some Christmas roses for the event; they are not just your regular roses. They belong to hellebore family of flowers, and they only bloom during winters. They come in a variety of colors.


You don’t need to burn candles or incense to give the space a sweet scent. If you have some magnolia garlands hanging on top of the shelf, stick in some cinnamon sticks. The fragrance will be subtle and refreshing.

Neutrals & Gold

Switch to neutral and gold crockery for dinner arrangements instead of the regular colors. These will still look festive and regal. The tint of gold will really look beautiful.

Adorn The Stairs

You want your home to look welcoming and enticing on the Christmas, so think about decorating the banister with some twigs and pinecones. You can some ribbon for added glamour.

Go Large

You should consider enlarging the adornments a little bit; you can hang large snowflakes from the ceiling and put some tall candle stands on the dinner table. Large pieces make a statement.

More Merriness

Were you going to rely on just one wreath at the door? Think twice, because I bet you’d want twice the merriness this Christmas. Put two wreaths on the door instead of one and see how beautiful it’ll look.

Frosty Fruits

Looking for a masterpiece to put at the center of dinner table? Mix about one part of silver glitter with three parts white glitter and dust fake grapes and pears with the mixture; it will look like fruits covered in frosty snow. Super pretty!

Candy Canes

This one is a mere reminder because I’m confident you knew that already. Hang candy canes from the shelves so that all the treats remain just in plain sight.

Mini Wreaths

Now that you are done decorating the doors with actual wreaths, you can glue together some ornamental beads of various colors and sizes and make your very own wreaths. I’m sure you will enjoy that a lot.

More Ribbons

Did you know that putting creative, printed ribbons on the gift makes the gift more pretty than the gift itself? Of course, you didn’t know that, try it now. I’m sure you’ll love it.

Bar Cart

Have a bar cart for Christmas drinks and decorate it with some twigs and bells. If you don’t have one, you may use this adjustable height table instead!