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Looking for trendy bathroom ideas or fun and funky options? There are so many different ideas and angles being used in bathroom design. Then there are the amazing approaches were popular yesterday but will suddenly be forgotten tomorrow. Regardless of what’s hot and trending or not, here’s a list of my favorite design choices in today’s bathrooms.

Photo by Highmark Builders
Those basic white and simple color themes are getting an explosion of awe thanks to
three dimensional tile. This lovely option offers can be used to give walls eye-catching texture, illusions, or stunning color effects. Combine this with complementary decor and your bathroom will be the tastiest of eye candy.
If flat tile without the 3-D effects is more your style, then consider boosting your tile backsplash with grout. White used to be the way to go, but now it’s been pushed away by colored options. Using a grout color that pairs with your tiling will make for a smooth gaze over, but don’t feel stuck working with like colors. Using contrasting grout can really make that wall stand out. Just make sure to base your color choice on the tile itself rather than the bathroom decor. Style scheme is easily changed, but tile and grout are going to be around for a while. Choose colors and styles that will work with whatever style theme you may use.
Energy efficiency is a booming industry within bathroom design. One way that this fits
into remodels and new bathrooms is with radiant flooring. Heated tiles may sound like an unnecessary and luxurious option for only the rich and famous, but it’s actually a very efficient heating method. Radiant flooring allows for us to be warmed from the bottom up and, with feet being a major source of heat loss, heated floors are able to keep us toasty. Many homeowners have completed DIY radiant flooring projects with their granite, tile, and marble floors.  It’s something that’s been fit into all sorts of bathroom budgets, so a few YouTube tutorials may make heated floors an affordable option.
When it comes to aesthetics, there’s good reason to consider feature floor tiling. A simple bathroom with basic fixtures can immediately be transformed into grandiose eye candy with the addition of metallic or encaustic tiles, stunning designs, and daring colors. They can take more work to clean though, so if you’re looking for simplicity then cork or bamboo may be the best water-resistant flooring option. Cork provides soft flooring while bamboo has the look of hardwood minus the vulnerability to water damage.
Those old shower-tub combos we all grew up with are getting replaced with much more
appealing alternatives. Tubs and showers are being installed independently or, when there’s a bathroom with another tub available, a bathroom may only have a shower. Many homes don’t use the tub on a regular basis, so it makes sense to put money and time into designing a highly-functional shower that has all the comfort and convenience anyone could need.
Photo by Highmark Builders
 Ripping out shower-tub units also allows for universal design options like low-threshold showers and walk-in tubs which offer safer bathing methods that accommodate age, height, mobility, as well as temporary injuries. Paired with smart shower gadgets like atomizing showerheads and sensor devices, bathing can be both inexpensive and comfortable.
Leggy sinks are popping up in bathrooms everywhere. And the eco-friendly angle is
still as alive as ever. Low-flow aerators can be added to existing fixtures to put a slash through the monthly water bill. New fixtures can be bought with them included, plus a sensor that will have savings jump even higher.
Floating vanities are another option that will have the sink adding to bathroom aesthetics. Given a centralized location and the right attention, they can become the focal point of the room. Ambient lighting, decor, color scheme, and eye-catching light fixtures will guarantee that vanities capture the immediate attention of anyone and everyone. Couple vanities with quartz countertops and they’ll be even more alluring as a lovely alternative to the trendy granite.
Towels, bath products, and dirty laundry are begging for a convenient and camouflaged
home. Cabinets make this all possible. With vertical cabinetry, walls can be transformed into eye-pleasing furniture that allows for ample storage with visually-appealing shelving, cupboards, and drawers. Cabinets can also be added to or replaced altogether by including a roomy and complementary piece of furniture into the bathroom design. Armoires and dressers offer a standout presence that can capture attention just as well as it can hide towels, extra
soap, and makeup.

There you have it! Whether you’re looking for a grandiose new bathroom or you’re pushing for a charming and simple $200 remodel, there’s all sorts of ways to play with your design. Happy planning everyone!About Author-

 Ash is a mother, gardener, writer, and a fan of all things  green. Her love for health and simplicity began with her  journey into motherhood, and it’s grown exponentially ever  since. She’s passionate about living it up with gardening,  cooking, an active lifestyle, and being outdoors as much as  possible. If she isn’t writing or reading up on exciting green  trends, she’s probably playing Connect Four or swimming in  the river with the kids