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Let’s say you have a friend who’s a gardener and it’s his or her birthday. Maybe it’s Christmas as well. Or he or she is your spouse and you want to give him or her a present for your wedding anniversary. Or you want to give your gardener mom or dad a gardening-related gift.

At any rate, here are some gardening gift ideas you can use in order to give your gardener spouse, sibling, friend, neighbor, officemate, or acquaintance a really thoughtful present they’re appreciate.

Gifts for Gardeners 101

1) Offer Gardening Tools and Whatnot:

The easiest way to sow love into other people’s gardens is to give them gifts that they can make use of. Buy them equipment like a wheel barrow, pruning shears, hedge clippers, hoe, spade, rake, trowel, measuring stick, planting line, seed drill, hand cultivator, hori hori, gloves, spade, and hoe.

Ask them if they’re short on seeds or if one of their tools require replacement then buy them a gift in light of this information. A gardener won’t say no to gardening tools. Even if they already have the tools you’re gifting them with, they can always use a spare.

2) Help Your Gardener Loved One with Gardening:

Sometimes, there’s no greater gift than the gift of yourself and your ideas for gardening. A gardener is always appreciative when it comes to getting a helping hand, especially when he or she is getting the patio ready for the summer.

Help your loved one rake the lawn, remove the weeds, prune the plants, and get rid of excess shrubs. You can also use hedge clippers or shears to trim the hedges for good measure. Be his or her “muscle” by lifting flowering plants and placing them in strategic places to boot.

3) Give Out Dwarf Plant Varieties Landscaping Purposes:

If your gardener pal has a small garden area that’s hard to landscape ambitiously, there’s a way to fix that. For apartments with limited space for dozens of potted plants and huge gardens, you can give them dwarf plant varieties or bonsai trees as gifts and as a smart landscaping idea.

This will help your enthusiastic gardener friend to get more gardening opportunities with his or her new mini-garden of sorts even if he or she can’t spare room for full-scale trees. Remember to plant vertically to save on limited horizontal space.

4) Micro-Garden in a Creative Container:

Speaking of micro-gardens, you can use recycled planters made from baskets, colanders, oversized cups and saucers, and gumboots as your new planter’s boxes of sorts. This eclectic array of new creative containers can house many a dwarf-sized or full-sized plant depending on how big these new replacement pots are.

You can also design them so they’d have a more uniform theme if you so choose. For example, you can paint them with some sort of gardening theme, nature theme, or jungle theme to emphasize their purpose.

5) Bucket Storage Seat for Gardeners

Gardeners do a lot of squatting and bending down. To save them from the hassle, you should get an old 5-gallon or 20-liter paint bucket and repurpose it as a seat. It should spare you from having to buy a stool and whatnot, plus it’s more thoughtful if you made it yourself.

It’s an all-weather sitting apparatus that can have internal storage for a gardener’s supplies, thus giving it a 2-in-1 package deal of sorts. It’s a seat that doubles as a container, in short. You can also add padding to the lid by sewing a washable pocket caddy around the outside of the bucket. You can also paint it decoratively to boot.


The idea behind gift-giving is to showcase your love and affection for another without necessarily going for the most expensive thing you can buy since making something takes more of your personal time than purchasing something off of a catalog. You can be a bit creative with your gifts so that your beloved can see the thoughtfulness behind your offering.