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Interested in starting your very own garden but don’t know where to start? Well, look no further because we’ll be helping you ignite that dream of yours! We’ll be talking about everything you need to know when beginning your path to owning a small, yet breathtaking garden!

Of course, we’ll be mentioning common mistakes people make and everything in between so sit back, relax, get yourself a cup of tea, and enjoy the show!

Start from Scratch

Whenever you decide to finally start decorating your backyard and making a garden that your neighbours will be envious of, you’ll need to start from point zero. There’s no use in taking what you have and expanding because you won’t know where to start and where to end.

Your best bet is starting from scratch; think about everything you want to have in your garden and how to achieve it. Remove anything that was there previously and clean everything. The more room you have, the easier it’ll be to visualize the end-product. Use Pest Control to protect your home and your family.

Paint the Walls

And not just the walls – fences too! The more colors you incorporate into your garden, the livelier it will look (plus, colors are always lovely on the eyes). Brick walls are perfect for this, but even if you have regular walls, it can be done. Additionally, make sure that the paint you’ve chosen is waterproof; otherwise, it’ll be gone relatively quickly.

Repair anything that might be damaged and start painting!

Consider Creating Areas

Jumbled up gardens are never a pretty sight because you can’t focus on one single part of it without it looking like a mess. Consider creating areas that have noticeable differences between them: One for grass, another for a patio area with chairs and a table for relaxation. Any smaller objects are also welcome (such as potted plants, garden gnomes, etc.).

Remember: Organization is key!

Plan a Multitasking Garden

Don’t have a lot of room? Well, this can easily be fixed by utilizing what we call a ‘multitasking garden’; a garden where two or even three things are found in one! For example, you could make a garden wall, garden seat, and a raised flower bed into one object! Each of these segments offers something unique such as lanterns for the wall, privacy and shade for the flower bed, and cushions for the seats!

Simplify with Symmetry

People generally love symmetry. Most people think that asymmetry is unnerving and doesn’t have a place in their world or life. However, it’s not about personal taste – it’s about the organization. Creating a symmetrical garden releases a feeling of elegance and spaciousness. Let your imagination flow free and try to create something amazing for everyone to see! Make sure to draw out central elements from the rest of the picture – they’ll fulfill the sight.

Coffee Beans

Now, let’s start with pest repellents.

Pests are a significant problem related to gardening, and you most likely won’t be able to avoid it. However, there are a couple of things you can do to minimize the damage they cause and, potentially, cause them to avoid your garden.

First up we have coffee beans. Coffee is a beloved beverage all around the world, but did you know that coffee beans are an amazing insect repellant? Additionally, coffee beans are a strong form of compost; something you’ll need if you want an insect-free garden!


Insects use scent to locate plants that they deem are good for them. Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot you can do about this but – not all is lost. Mix up some garlic and water to create a spray.

When complete, spray this mix over the stem and base of the plants. This will cause the insects to not ‘see’ your plants (since they’ll be masked with the scent of garlic, which they don’t find attractive).

Crush a couple of cloves of garlic and mix them with liquid soap and water. That’s it!

Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus Oil takes care of mosquitos. What damage could mosquitos cause to the plants? Well, none. However, they are incredibly annoying, and no one likes them so anything you do in the garden will be hindered by the mosquitos (which will show up no matter what you do because of the wide variety of plants).

But, they can’t fight eucalyptus oil. You can find either 100% eucalyptus oil or eucalyptus-based repellents from almost any store (but your best bet would be to visit a supermarket).

Cucumber, Mint, and Lemon

Flies, moths, and ants. Mint, lemon, and cucumber. These three ingredients completely get rid of the three pests we just mentioned. Flies avoid mint, ants hate cucumbers, and moths despise lemon. You won’t have to spray anything with these ingredients; all you have to do is keep them close to you so the scent can be felt around the entire garden.