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More and more people nowadays are opting for
fake grass for their properties. Knowing that maintenance will be easier—and that
no matter the weather, they can expect an eternally green landscape—they feel
that despite the relatively expensive synthetic grass installation cost, it’s a
great investment.

Aside from easy maintenance and
cost-effectiveness, home decorators also point out that there’s a bigger
creativity potential with artificial turf installation—meaning, installation is
not limited to lawns and gardens. When it comes to the best synthetic grass,
Perth home decorators say there are all sorts of possibilities to it that are
not only for style enhancement but also for increased function.

So, if you wish to get really creative with
synthetic grass, here are ideas worth considering.

1. Use it for indoor/outdoor rooms, which are the
trend in house design nowadays. These are rooms that easily open to the
outside, such that there’s usually no clear distinction between the indoors and
outdoors. Instead of using carpets, what would really capture the unique design
would be the use of synthetic grass.
2. Create a pocket garden. This is ideal for
urban, high-rise residential units that do not have a garden. Installing
synthetic grass on verandas and balconies can instantly create a pocket garden
for your home if you live in an apartment building. You can add a few potted
plants and lawn chairs for a more authentic feel, and at the same time, create
a more functional outdoor space.

3. Create a rooftop garden. If the land below is
not ideal for the creation of a typical garden, you can use your rooftop as a
“natural” retreat for your family. Rooftop gardens are actually quite popular
nowadays; a lot of commercial buildings and malls actually have these and
they’re additional areas for hanging out or for relaxation for employees and
customers. You can do the same and experience the same benefits.

4. Use it as a floor treatment for playrooms. It’s
highly beneficial for kids to go barefoot frequently, and installing fake grass
in their playroom will provide them this advantage. The even nicer advantage
here is that the grass the children get is much, much cleaner than grass
outdoors. So, if you’re a parent, you don’t have to worry about the little ones
stepping on something disgusting when they wish to go barefoot.

5. For the extra synthetic grass you have, you can
store them away and actually use them for theme parties.
About the author:

Kenneth Lawrence is a passionate
“handyman”. His crafts involve DIY home improvement concepts. He
likes to share guidelines and tips about stuff on home improvement. He reads
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