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When designing your dream home, you want to ensure that your beloved living space is adorned with the ideal materials that enhance its overall appeal. It is probable that when thinking about the ideal living space, you must’ve thought about a home intricately lined with teak hardwood flooring or with other premium wooden materials. Although it does sound like the perfect choice, teak hardwood is not the most appropriate choice to make if you wish to give longevity to your dream home. The following details about why granite might be the better choice to make while considering the material that’ll decorate the interior of your home.

Why granite or tile flooring over teak hardwood?

When considering the ideal flooring material, teak hardwood is as good of a choice as any but it is still weighed down by a few cons that are worth noting before making the choice. The reasons to justify the same are described in the following.


  • Water? No Problem.

    One of the major flaw of teak hardwood flooring is its lack of water resistance. When teak hardwood flooring is subjected to even a moderate amount of water and sustains it without proper maintainence, the damage caused to the flooring might even leave it with irreversible stains that will degrade the appeal of the entire living area.
    Water damage to teak hardwood floorings can even cause the entire structural intergrity to be compromised since water is known to make wooden structures relatively more fragile. Added to that, once water damage seeps in these teak hardwood flooring, replacing the damaged flooring is the only viable option.

    Comparing this to Granite or Tile flooring, the material is significantly more water resistant. Therefore, water damage is rarely a concern if one decides to employ granite or tile for their flooring choices. Additional to that, owing to the hardened structure of granite and tiles, water doesn’t get a chance to sneak into the internal framework of the material.

  • Customization to the Brim

    The unique aspect about Granite or Tile flooring is the sheer number of choices that graces the customers with. Walking into a store that is dedicated to granite or tile flooring choices, you’ll realize that there will be innumerable choices; even more than what you can humanly process. Owing to the same, customers are able to design their homes according to their preferences, down to the very last detail of the same.
    Choosing Granite or Tile flooring opens several possibilities for the interior design of a home. Granite and tile flooring can come in several types and finishes. For example, you could choose from Antiqued, Glossy, Glazed, Honed, or Flamed finished, to name a few.

    Comparing it teak hardwood, it is comparatively limited when it comes to types and finishes. Added to that, the finishes aren’t as disntinctive as you’ll find within the granite and tile flooring departments. If you aren’t convinced by the aforementioned, Opustone is the ideal place where you can compare both the materials and their respective finishes.

  • Quick and Easy Maintainence

    It is well-known that teak hardwood demands regular maintainence sessions for it to retain its antique beauty and appeal. Due to the same, maintaining teak hardwood flooring can get sometimes get both exhausting and expensive. Any negligence in these sessions and the flooring will rapidly degrade and eventually lose all the luster that it once held.

    The same is not applicable for Tile or Granite floorings. Compared to teak hardwood floorings, granite and tiles are self-sustaining, owing to their durable framework. Granite and Tile flooring can endure several years of traffic before needing a maintainence session. Some finishes for these tiles or granite flooring can bestow these floorings with an even more durable nature. If you decide on a shiny or a relatively glossy finishing for your floorings, it’ll be several years to a single maintainence session. Also, considering granite, the coloring on this type of floorings rarely fades, if ever.

  • Endurance for High Traffic

    Owing to their heightened durability and strength, tile or granite flooring can easily sustain a flow of heavy traffic, even as a regular routine. This aspect make the tile or granite flooring the ideal choice if you’re thinking of flooring material for an area that sustains a heavy flow of traffic every day. Granite or tiles can not only endure the same but can do so without displaying any noticeable signs of wear and tear.

    Comparing it to teak hardwood floorings, wooden structure were never made to endure heavy traffic regularly. teak hardwood floorings can endure moderate or a light flow of traffic at best. Added to that, even with a moderate traffic flow, teak hardwood will eventually show signs of degradation and will require a maintainence session to be restores to its prime. Therefore, it is suggested that you choose granite or tile flooring if the area that you’re seeking flooring material for endures a heavy flow of traffic regularly.

  • Versatility

    If you choose teak hardwood flooring as the interior design material of your choice, it is crucial that you design your entire household around it. teak hardwood rarely adapts to its surroundings. Therefore, to effectively bring out the beauty within teak hardwood floorings, you initially have to ensure that most of your interior is built around the same theme.

    The same is not true if you choose to go with granite or tile flooring. Owing to the wide selection of finishes and types available for granite and tiles, customers can pick the flooring material according to the design of their household and not the other way around. Added to that, granite and tile flooring can blend in and adapt to the room, regardless of its supposed purpose. Whether you’re choosing flooring materials for restrooms, living rooms, or bedrooms, you certainly can the appropriate choices with granite or tile flooring.


To Conclude

Assuming that you’re willing to go the extra mile for maintainence and designing your household around your flooring choices, teak hardwood is the ideal candidate for the job. Although, if you want an ‘install and forget’ kind of experience, granite and tile flooring is for you. If you want to browse granite and tile flooring options, you can visit Opustone.