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Buying an air conditioning system can become a worthy investment. However, you must be reminded that there are a lot of important things to consider in such kind of investment. Of course, you must know your options so you can decide which will best suit your heating and cooling needs.

Common Types Of Air Conditioning Systems

Packaged Units – These AC systems will have an evaporator coil, compressor, condenser, and air handler housed together in a single cabinet. It is very important that the unit should be level for your HVAC systems so it will operate efficiently and properly. Be reminded that the outdoor condenser unit is not located near bedroom windows since it will make noise when operating. It must be in an area with sufficient air flow and most importantly, away from shrubs.

Split Systems – When your home has a furnace and ductwork in place, a split system is considered the most recommended AC system for your home. The condenser and compressor will be housed outside in a split system. The indoor cabinet will contain the evaporator coil. Also, there is an air handler that will become a part of the furnace – you must know that this handler will send the cool or warm air through the entire ductwork.

Mini-split systems – These can be the best option for room additions that cannot accommodate ductwork. These systems will have an outdoor compressor and one or more compact duct units inside. The refrigerant is cycled through the entire lines – from the outdoor condensing unit towards the indoor vents or unit. It is through these lines that air is distributed to the living space.

The Importance Of Hiring A Contractor

It is a fact that air conditioning installation will require a couple of complex calculations, right training, and years of experience. Thus, it is a smart idea for you to get a written estimate from the company you want to work with and ask about their certifications and qualifications. Also, you have to opt for a contractor who will stand behind their work and is going to be around years from now in order to service the system. Most experts highly recommend that prior to signing an agreement with any company, you must verify their license, insurance, staff or technicians, and their membership with a reliable organization.

You must only make your final decision after you have received a written proposal containing the complete outline of the job. You must be satisfied that you fully understood the work to be done along with the costs to be charged.

About the author: Kenneth Lawrence is a handyman. He usually reads books and visits sites like http://coreair.com.au/ to improve his knowledge on home improvement. He shares what he learned through blogging.