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For gardening enthusiasts, grow tents do not need any introduction. The fabric box lined with reflective material, ventilation and light are the ingenious devices that make growing plants indoors possible.

A grow tent allows you to plant your favorite crops all year round without worrying about what Mother Nature has in store.

But despite all the hype and noise, are these tents necessary? Are they worth the extra investment in time and money?

The Rate of Return

We are living in a society where everything is moving in the fast lane. You want something that will produce results within the shortest time possible at minimal costs. Global warming and unpredictable weather patterns are making it hard to have a successful garden in your backyard, but there’s an option.

Grow tents are convenient. This means you will use fewer nutrients, water, light, and workforce to grow those delicious vegetables that you love so much. Your rate of investment is multiplied many times as they receive light and life in the right amount.

The controlled growing environment will ensure there is no water wastage as a result of excessive sun and wind. The reflective material will disseminate light to all parts of the plant. And this means that there are no issues relating to insufficient lighting.


Some of us are only interested in growing one variety of crops. The good thing about grow tents is that you can convert them into the perfect environment for any plant. Your only limitation is having to grow only the crops that need the same requirements at a time regarding humidity, temperature, and light.

But grow tents are only fitting for plants that don’t go too high up. If for example, you want a particular tomato variety that grows tall, outdoor gardening will be more suited.

Available Gardening Space

Urban dwellers have for a long time been left out of the gardening fun. The age where you needed a piece of plot to start gardening is now a thing of the past. If you have an extra room in your house or garage, then grow tents are a great option.

But you will be restricted as to the number of crops you can grow at the same time. Considering spacing and room dimensions, it’s safe to say that there is an upper limit as to how much you can produce at a given time. If the demand for your crop were to go up, then you would be at pains to meet it – unless you find another room and get an additional grow tent.

Odor Control, Pest Control, and Stealth

Some crops give off a strong odor, and that can play as a limiting factor for some. Grow tents are appropriate if you are dealing with a strong smelling variety – the scent stays confined to the shelter.

The devices are better for plants when it comes to pest and disease control. The controlled environment is pest free as long as you keep it zipped up at all times. And if you are dealing with a sensitive plant like marijuana, a grow tent provides all the stealth you need for peace of mind.  Hopefully this article was helpful to you. Be sure to check out this link for more gardening advice.