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If you’re living in Australia, then one of the most essential pieces of equipment you can own for your home is quality air conditioning. Home air conditioners are becoming ‘must haves’ rather ‘wants’ due to the strange duality of Australia’s climate, especially for those living in Melbourne. Our Summers are too hot, and our Winters are too cold. We do get a brief respite in Spring and Autumn but can still be affected by those extreme unseasonal days. The only way to effectively combat this problem is buy investing in quality air conditioning.

Home air conditioners have evolved over the years in a way that makes them attainable to almost anyone on any budget. Power usage has been decreased so you aren’t stung with a huge power bill just because you wanted to be comfortable throughout the month. There are also plenty different types of home air conditioners that are tailored towards specific budgets or living conditions. Own your home and want quality air conditioning? Consider installing split system air conditioners so you can have effective and quality air conditioning spread throughout your house. Own an apartment where split system air conditioning isn’t applicable? Try out a window/wall air conditioner that can accommodate smaller spaces and tighter budgets. Maybe you’re just renting or living in a share house? Have a look at a portable air conditioner. Technology has advanced enough that these units can provide quality air conditioning with less power consumption.

We’ll go over these 3 types of home air conditioners below. Read on and decide which type of unit is right for you.

Split System Air Conditioners

As far as home air conditioners go, the split system reigns supreme. The most common you’ll find throughout Australia, as well as the most effective in a residential setting. Split system air conditioners are named this way as they are comprised of 2 separate units. One if located outside and one inside. The outside unit is the guts of this home air conditioners engine expelling hot air and generating cold air. The inside unit is the part that expels the cold air and controls your temperature, direction, fan speed and so on.

Split system air conditioners are top of the ladder because of they are generally more powerful, more efficient and more effective at cooling a space than its smaller, cheaper alternatives. Split system air conditioners are the most effective at cooling large areas and can have multiple inside units working in unison to cool an entire property.

Not only are they more efficient home air conditioners they also come with a heap of bells and whistles that can make a difference to efficiency and quality. Some feature WIFI, sensors for motion and temperature, even air ionisers that can improve the quality of the air in your home.

Split system air conditioners must be installed by a professional and requires permanent alterations to your home, such as piping through the walls and ceiling. This adds to the cost and means they are only suitable for home owners rather than renters.

Window/wall Home Air Conditioners

Window or wall home air conditioners are a more affordable and cost-effective choice compared to split system air conditioners. This doesn’t mean they skimp on performance as window/wall home air conditioners can provide quality results in the right situations.

The main difference that separates the window/wall home air conditioners from your split system air conditioners is the ease of installation. If you have basic knowledge of DYI and are a bit of a handyman you can install the window/wall unit yourself. They are generally installed in a window with one side converting and expelling hot air and the other, pointed inside, blowing that cool quality air conditioning air into your chosen room. If you must install your unit through a wall, it could be a good idea to get an expert involved.

Portable Home Air Conditioners

The last on the list are the portable home air conditioners. As the name suggests, these units are portable and can be carted around your house from room to room, even to entirely different properties provided it has a power source. They are easy to move and compact so are perfect for people rented or shared accommodation.

Because of their portability, they aren’t as effective as other home air conditioners. You do get a win on price though as they are generally a lot cheaper than their counterparts. So, if your living situation and budget can’t accommodate split system air conditioners or window/wall home air conditioners then a portable unit could be the right appliance for you.

Those are the three most common types of home air conditioners you could choose to regulate the temperature of your home. If you need more information on home air conditioners head over to https://www.carrierair.com.au/ and get in touch with the team. Get ready for a cool Summer and warm Winter with quality air conditioning in your home.